Mobile Marketing Features and Apps

Group Texting

Use a simple text message for keeping your clients, team members, or community in the loop with updates, news, alerts, and bulk notifications.
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Mobile Keywords

Collect phone numbers and deliver automated replies via text message. In addition, mobile keywords are used to initiate mobile coupons, surveys, contests and more interactions with your clients.
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Text-to-Win Contests

Users can text with your keyword to enter into the drawing or contest giving them instant gratification.
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Mobile Surveys/Voting

Need answers from your consumers now and not next month? Create engaging mobile voting and survey polling.
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Mobile Coupons

Don't overspend on printed, TV or radio ads. Send out mobile coupons and increase your sales while saving money.
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Let clients scan your QR code integrated with each keyword to join your list, vote, receive a mobile coupon or enter a mobile contest.
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URL Shortening

Save valuable character space and know who clicked on the link within your text message.
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Analytics & Reports

Real time analytics show how well your mobile campaigns and keywords are performing.
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Custom signup forms allow you to collect mobile phone numbers as well as additional information from your subscribers by asking them to sign up to your list online.
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Text Feedback

Offer your client/fan base the opportunity to send a personal message to a screen up on the stage, a digital screen somewhere else, or simply a webpage. The text message will be displayed for everyone to see.
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Mobile Apps

Control your text messaging campaigns and ProTexting account on your mobile phone.
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Virtual Business Cards

With a virtual business card delivered by text message, you will never be without a business card again.
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Auto Responder

Auto-responders are simple text message interaction between you and your clients.
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The app will allow you to capture the First and Last names of your subscribers through the text messages they send to your short code. It is a great tool to build you subscribers' database and leverage subscribers' names for future mobile marketing campaigns.
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The app will allow you to capture the emails of your subscribers through the text messages they send to your short code. It is a great tool to build you subscribers' database and leverage for future mobile marketing campaigns as well as email marketing push.
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Now you can see why 2-way group text messaging has become a viable marketing medium. It also has the added advantage of including all of the other advertising media's individual advantages into one all-encompassing medium - visual (print ads), audio (radio), and video (television).
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Keep your audience involved with Text-To-Screen by displaying questions/comments/answers on a TV screen, JumboTron, public website etc.
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Everyone likes to feel special and welcomes SMS birthday wishes. You have the ability to customize the text message and keep in touch with your contacts.
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Texting has become the communication medium of choice for the younger generations, and is growing rapidly as the choice for all generations as well. It is not surprising that it has become the prefferd marketing method for many businesses.
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Take your Mobile Marketing... MOBILE. You can link as many pages as you would like to your Mobile Website and have unlimited visitors. You can also include links for your social media as well as track Google analytics.
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Delivering the right message to the right person at the right place and time! Pushing targeted content based on mobile location and time-of-day to maximize call-to-action or response.
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So if you already have a Mobile Marketing strategy in place wouldn't it be efficient to integrate with your Social Media strategy?
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Who can utilize Mobile Marketing?

Radio, TV, Weather, Agencies
Doctors and Dentist offices, Hospitals and Private Practices
Restaurants, Nightclubs, Lounges, Comedy clubs, Theaters, Events
Shops, Malls, E-commerce, Fairs
Teams, Arenas, Game, Sport Events
Real Estate
Agents, Builders, Agencies, Management companies
We support all major US carriers:
Sms Api
Virgin Mobile
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