Why clients love ProTexting?

ProTexting provided prompt technical support at every step of our project. Starting with the preliminary stages of our collaboration. We are looking forward to more projects with ProTexting and highly recommend ProTexting to anyone looking for high-quality, professional business solutions.
Cristian Iordan, Pastor - Associate
Your service worked perfectly. Our event went off without any problems. We will not hesitate use your services again for future events. Thank you, Robert Holzler Webmaster, Grapevine Communications
Robert Holzler
The use of the ProTexting platform – with its immediacy of response also sparked conversation during the prioritization process as well as post the voting decisions were ranked and shown to the delegates. Using this platform required no installation costs, no cumbersome wiring or other hotel budget, and simply worked without disruption. I have seen similar processes completed by spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours planning. This platform allowed us to do real-time surveying, immediate responsiveness, and engaged individuals already comfortable with their mobile texting. I would use this again in any conference or meeting setting! Richard Seline
The program was easy to setup and reasonably priced. Your organization has been a pleasure to work with.
Thanks for getting the trial account set up for me. I appreciated it. Your product offering was very thorough and I did not find any issues with it from a features standpoint. Your product ranked quite well against the competition, so I appreciate your time and attention. We'll be putting the review of your product live in the next week or so on our site. Again, I appreciate you setting me up with a test account!
Working Great! The QR Code is extra cool! I have had absolutely no problems with ProTexting and will definitely recommend it to others. I am a High School teacher and used ProTexting as a way to keep in touch with my students, since most of them have cell phones and text more than they use e-mail anymore. My students were able to contact me through the system and I could send out mass messages to remind them of homework or tests. It was very convenient and I will most likely be signing up for the service again next fall, but I do not need to keep the subscription running during the summer while school is out of session. Thank you for your convenient and well-designed service!
Working Great! The QR Code is extra cool! Thanks so much for making this easy! You did a wonderful job and The Client was very pleased!!! Thanks for your support!
You guys have Marketing daily to our customers via text message provided by Protexting has been extremely beneficial for our business. We utilize various marketing techniques and find texting to be most effective. Texting allows us to reach our customers on a more personal level. Texting also provides us with an opportunity to create powerful call to actions that are easily trackable e.g. Show this text & receive a FREE... Our customers thrive on these particular specials. Protexting's team has been great to work with as well. The online interface is very user friendly, the support is 100% and pricing very competitive. Thank you Protexting for providing us with such a powerful marketing tool!- thank you, Anna!
You guys have GREAT customer service- thank you, Anna!
For the record though, your website and interface is fantastic.
Kalin, good morning, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you and Pro Texting have accomplished for my clients and myself. As you can imagine, because of our high volume of messaging and the level of it's importance it plays in our marketing programs, we were very cautious about moving to a new provider. In a very short time it became very clear that we had made the right decision in choosing you and Pro Texting. Your commitment to providing cutting edge technology and truly outstanding support has not only made our job easier it has given us the ability to reach and interact with our clients in a fashion that we didn't think was possible. All this has translated into substantially greater bottom line revenues. One final thought; you and your team should take even greater pride in the fact that my small clients have received the same level of support and service as that of my higher volume ones. That is the true sign of a company operating at it's highest level.
ProTexting is an awesome product/system as we reviewed many before signing up. We use it for our marketing/promotions and it works great. We are very happy with the new applications. Customer service is great, very quick and knowledgeable.
The service is great. We use the service for advertising different events, we put the short code in our ad and it is successful. The new interface is supper nice and easy to use. Thank you for a wonderful service.
Wow the new interface is outstanding. I have been a Protexting client for over a year now and everything looks and works amazing. Great work!!!
Your services are fantastic!

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