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ProTexting's SMS Marketing Affiliate Program

How you make money by becoming affiliate?

Here at ProTexting we appreciate and understand the value of text messaging and what it could do for anyone’s business in driving more sales and ultimately increasing bottom line profits. We also believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That is why we have created our

Text Message Marketing affiliate

program with YOU the affiliate in mind. We stay clear of all the gimmicks and information overload other programs may offer. ProTexting simply delivers to you the most important information, so you can focus on bringing more clients on board, and increase your profits. Here are few key points about our Mobile text marketing affiliate program we would like to share:

High Income potential

  • Earn 35% commission on unique new clients first month
  • Get 20% ongoing commissions for the life of the accounts afterwards

Breakdown of profit potential

With the table below we show the potential profits for 1, 6, and 12 months for all of the

Text Message Marketing affiliate

plans featured on

ProTexting Subscription Plans: $1,199 $899 $599 $449 $219 $99 $49 $19 $14
Your Affiliate Commission 1 Month $420 $315 $210 $157 $77 $35 $17 $7 $5
Your Affiliate Commission 6 Months $1,619 $1,214 $809 $606 $296 $134 $66 $26 $19
Your Affiliate Commission 12 Months $3,057 $2,292 $1,527 $1,145 $558 $252 $125 $48 $36

* Higher volume plans available. Not shown in this estimation.

Easy conversion of referrals

  • Your clients will enjoy, the most competitive rates in the industry
  • Unique features other systems don’t offer.
  • Give your referrals an additional incentive – with your promo code they can save money on their first purchase.
  • 180-day Cookie Duration.
  • Accurate real time reporting.
  • Easy to read affiliate dashboard.
  • Only the important stuff, no extra gimmicks that no one reads.

Our Mobile text marketing affiliate provides:

  1. An administration panel for you to monitor your performance at any time.
  2. Banners, Traceable links, and other available promotional materials.
  3. We are backed by a design team and can work with you to provide customized marketing materials.
  4. An experienced representative would provide training and online demos.
  5. We are open for ideas. Let us know if we can help in any other way.
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