Enterprise Text Message Marketing Solutions

In addition to our self-managed leading SMS and MMS messaging marketing platform, our team has been asked more and more about integrating with enterprise level mobile marketing campaigns. ProTexting has created a full range of messaging services and features available to our enterprise clients to help them customize new or existing mobile campaigns using our proprietary gateway, know how, expertise and technology.

Highlights of ProTexting ENTERPRISE features and services

1 Custom Text Messaging Campaigns - Let us know what the campaign should look like and we will integrate to existing and build additional custom ones. We have built numerous successful custom SMS and MMS marketing campaigns for brands such as:
2 Strategy and Consulting - With over 16 years in the mobile marketing arena, our team can help with strategy and consulting on what has worked in the past, and the best way to approach your needs. Over the last years, we have created over 400 custom enterprise text marketing campaigns.
3 MMA and CTIA Compliance - ProTexting's rich mobile engagement engine has built-in compliance workflow. In addition we can provide on-going consultation and setup regarding new and updated regulations. We know the mobile marketing rules, we know how to set up your campaigns right and meet ALL CTIA Messaging Principles & Best Practices! This is very important step, because if the campaign is not set right, and once it starts, the consequences can be devastating. Talk to our team today to see how we can set up your custom campaigns.
5 ProTexting also provides Enterprise solutions with dedicated dashboard. The Enterprise text messaging platform is able to manage thousands of sub-accounts and monitor the activities. Each sub-account will have their own toll-free number, short code or long codes. Manage will be able to easily add, suspend and remove accounts. Perfect solution for large corporations with different teams, offices, branches, restaurants, franchises, sales teams, universities, schools, unions, etc.
6 Experience lightning-fast sending with ProTexting's cutting-edge technology, allowing you to transmit up to 1000 text messages per second. Our platform's high-speed capabilities ensure that your messages reach your audience instantly, regardless of your contact list size. Whether you're sending out time-sensitive promotions, urgent SMS alerts, or important updates, ProTexting enables you to deliver your messages swiftly and efficiently.

If you need multiple accounts, or need to manage several clients, we have a dedicated platform for enterprise clients, where you can easily manage and view all of your accounts' activities. To learn more, contact us to schedule a demo.

These are some of our enterprise solutions

Enterprise dashboard to manage accounts. Your own company dashboard. High throughput messaging.

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