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• What is SMS? (Short Messaging Service)
• Transition to 10DLC
• How can I sign up?
• What is a Keyword?
• How to Reserve SMS Keyword?
• What are Sub-Keywords?
• What is a Short Code?
• Short Code 82257
• Short Code 63566
• Short Code 41242
• How to reserve a dedicated long code number?
• How to set up a dedicated Long Code Auto-Reply Message?
• SMS and MMS Delivery Reports
• Why should I have a keyword in order to register?
• What do I get when I register with
• How do I start collecting mobile numbers?
• How to promote your keywords
• How to resubscribe to SMS campaigns if number is opted-out?
• What is Bulk SMS?
• Would I be able to send Bulk Text Messages?
• What are the steps to follow when sending Group/Bulk Text Messages?
• If I send a group message to multiple groups, are phone numbers who are in 2 or more of these groups receive more than one of the same message?
• How to manage Distribution Lists
• Would I receive replies from my Bulk Messages?
• How to setup SMS Drip Campaign?
• What is the Keyword Sequence App
• How to setup Shopify Text Message Notifications, Order Status SMS Alerts
• How to Access and Work with SMS Messaging Inbox?
• How to setup Amazon Seller Text Messaging Funnel for Reviews and Sales
• Amazon App - Test Orders
• How to setup Zapier to verify orders for Amazon Seller Integration App
• What Amazon Sellers Regions are supported for the Texting Services?
• How to Renew Amazon Seller Authorization
• Valid Amazon Order SMS Auto-Reply, following an Initial Keyword Text-In
• How much is one individual message?
• How to setup coupons codes and data tags in SMS Auto-Replies?
• How to use Coupon Codes in Text Message Campaigns?
• How to upload and manage coupon codes for SMS Marketing?
• What are Data Tags?
• How to Generate Custom Coupon Barcodes and QR Codes?
• Can You Put Hyperlinks In Text Messages?
• Are replies FREE of charge?
• How to setup text message forwarding?
• Customer Support (HELP) for Campaigns
• Is there a limit to the amount of characters in a message?
• How long does a message take to be delivered to its recipients?
• Do I need to add country code +1 to mobile numbers?
• What is the limit on my outgoing Text Messages?
• How is a multipart SMS processed?
• Why some of my contacts did not received my Text Message?
• If my messages were not received, do I still get charged?
• Which are the mobile providers that works with?
• Would I or my clients receive at any point advertising messages from third parties?
• Is Text Message delivery guaranteed to be delivered to my recipients?
• How is my privacy protected?
• I own a website and want to provide Text Messaging to my clients. Can I use for this?
• What if there is a new local network in my area and i need coverage to it?
• List of Allowed Characters for Sending Text Messages (group texting, single SMS, API outgoing text message)
• Single characters that are considered as two when used in a text message
• MMS file requirements
• MMS outgoing messaging: Supported USA Carriers
• Long Codes - Virtual Numbers Verifications
• CNAME Set up instructions for Mobile Website Builder
• SMS API Using Curl SSL Certification Check Script

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