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What is the Keyword Sequence App

With Keyword Sequence you can create a flow to trigger several keywords/campaigns in sequence. This way you will be able to run different campaigns with 1 keyword, texted by subscribers.


Overview and Benefits

  • Your subscribers/customers text in one keyword, such as JOIN. You can then connect up to 2 additional keywords to be triggered to activate any ProTexting app/campaign.
  • It's up to you when these additional keywords are triggered. This can be minutes, hours, or days after the first keyword is sent.
  • Clients who want to run multiple campaigns in sequence don't have to text keywords in for the 2nd and 3rd campaigns.
  • Perfect for DRIP campaigns and autoresponders. Our “Drip Campaign” app lets you set up a series of messages and send them out according to your schedule using an email service or autoresponder. With the Sequence App, you can now set up these campaigns with up to 3 keywords.


Aside from texting a keyword to sign into a campaign, the “Keyword Sequence" app also works with Web sign-up forms.


To create a web sign-up form integrated into the Keyword Sequences app, you must:

  1. Set the “Send Confirmation Code” option to “Yes”.
    • The "keyword sequence" app and keyword flow will be triggered ONLY if the subscriber confirms the mobile number after they sign up.
  2. Enter the keyword group of your primary campaign under “Show Groups For Subscribers To Select & Join”.
    • This option will not only add the subscriber to the keyword groups BUT ALSO activate the Auto-Reply message/s. This option is perfect if you want to 'trigger' the keyword campaign flow OR you are utilizing the 'Keyword Sequence' app. This way, more flows will be triggered.
  3. Select “Add keyword flow using the "keyword sequence" app”.



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