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Welcome to ProTexting API (Application Programming Interface). You can now easily expand your SMS and MMS marketing initiatives and add your existing tools by connecting to our API. This application provides our clients an environment where they can leverage text message marketing by communicating through our API.

API integration allows some of our more advanced users and/or their development teams design and manage their own work flow in the front end, using ProTexting as the gateway to send and receive SMS or MMS messages, manage mobile keywords (check availability, reserve and remove keywords), manage contacts, get data feeds (text 2 screen, direct voting, etc) and integrate a seamless opt-in process. Our API can be integrated in any CRM, Website or Blog or POS system.

How does it work?

The process of connecting to our API is very simple and straight forward. You can be up and running within minutes and have a full solution for your SMS campaigns.

New! ProTexting has launched a new RESTful API supporting both SMS and MMS (incoming and outgoing messaging).
Access the documentation here »

To get started with the API integration you will need to:

  1. Pick your ProTexting plan and register with ProTexting
  2. Next, login to your account and activate the API application from the ProTexting Marketplace
  3. Lastly, read the documentation and follow the instruction on how to setup your API.
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What can you do via the API?

For more in depth information regarding ProTexting API access follow our SMS API Documentation

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