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Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform with millions of online shop owners worldwide. Countless businesses of all types are setting up Shopify online e-commerce stores to sell every variety of product. Some of these are new businesses created from scratch while others are older enterprises wanting to expand their reach. To help these businesses, ProTexting is launching a Shopify App for SMS Notifications and overall SMS and MMS Marketing campaign management.

What Can You Do?

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The Shopify App lets you combine the power of e-commerce with the massive popularity of text messages. Sending your customers text messages can amplify your marketing, giving you a way to reach them even if they aren’t online at the moment. Compared to email, text messages have an extremely high open rate (close to 98%).

ProTexting clients have access to a large number of apps and features, including:

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With over 16 years in the messaging industry, ProTexting has more than 15 years in the messaging industry and is one of the leading providers of mobile marketing services.

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