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Amazon Sellers Integration with SMS Messaging

Text Message Marketing Can Boost Your Amazon Business

Connect with your customers on their mobile phones.

Overview and Benefits

Amazon Sellers Integration with SMS Messaging

Text messaging is getting consistently more popular with just about everybody, including your Amazon customers. Think of how convenient it would be to be able to communicate with someone via SMS after they've placed an order from you. SMS marketing has many uses but, until recently, hasn't been widely used by e-commerce sellers. With our Amazon integration, you gain several key advantages.

ProTexting Amazon integration will help e-commerce sellers communicate better with customers. You'll no longer be limited to sending messages via email as you'll be able to connect via SMS, which is usually faster and produces higher response rates.

You can now seamlessly set up messaging campaigns by automatically checking order ID when clients send you a message. This is a fast way to allow for messaging between you and your customers, and will save you a lot of valuable time. With SMS integration, you can quickly verify orders and encourage customers to send feedback, leave reviews or sample other products in your offerings.

Amazon Sellers Messaging Integration
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