About ProTexting

Mission Statement

Mobile Messaging Empowerment for every Brand and Agency of any size. Bridge the gap between offline and online worlds. Provide people with timely and relevant information through SMS and MMS messaging interaction and engagement on any mobile device, worldwide via the ProTexting SMS and MMS Messaging Platform.

Our Evolution: From Back-End Solutions to a Sophisticated SMS Messaging Platform

ProTexting originated from within a team of SMS messaging experts since 2000. Our team has been in the text messaging and Mobile Marketing business for almost two decades, serving over 8000 brands via our messaging platform. Throughout the years we have been involved in many projects, from simple SMS campaign implementations to custom designed Mobile Marketing platforms. During our interaction with clients of all sizes one question repeats almost every time – how can an organization implement a Mobile Marketing initiative quickly and without the large upfront expense and complex setup.


Based in Plano, Texas, and founded by CEO Kalin Kassabov and CTO Petar Kassov, ProTexting offers a comprehensive suite of interactive Text Message marketing tools designed to make it easy to create, deliver and monitor all types of SMS campaigns. ProTexting helps businesses reach their customers on their mobile phones to market, communicate and increase sales. Beyond the ability to send text messages to groups, users can deliver; mobile coupons, SMS voting and polls, mobile web surveys, sweepstakes, virtual business cards, QR codes and more. Many market segments and brands are already benefitting from ProTexting's user-friendly and secure environment; Retail Stores, Bars and Restaurants, Real Estate Agencies, Marketing and Advertising Agencies, PR, Marketing and Event Planning Firms, Nightclubs and Entertainment venues, Sports Venues and Teams, Colleges and Universities, Religious and Social Organizations.
Our team is very proud of its accomplishments. We are the first SMS marketer to offer a suite of mobile marketing tools (called APPS in our marketplace) similar to iTunes and android app markets. Our clients are not required to purchase expensive plans in order to obtain premium features such as Virtual Business Cards, complete Mobile Couponing System or Multiple Mobile Surveys. We make it easy for our clients to sign up and use our services by customizing their packages with features that they really need.

SMS Messaging Campaigns on the ProTexting Platform