Custom Fields for SMS Campaigns

Custom Fields for SMS Campaigns

If the fields provided by our system are not exactly what you need, you can easily create your own custom fields in the contact management section of your account. Custom fields can also be dynamically managed via our API - Contacts Management, custom fields management.

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SMS or text message marketing is a powerful way to reach customers due to the growing popularity of mobile devices and high open rates for text messages. However, you still need to set yourself apart as people receive more texts than ever. One way to do this is with custom fields. Custom fields can help you create more targeted and personalized campaigns. In many cases, the fields already supplied will work for you. However, you may need to make changes or add entirely new ones.

Custom Fields is a powerful tool that lets you reach customers in a more personalized way. You may want to target people in a certain location, who have made a recent purchase or who fit into a certain demographic. You can experiment with custom fields and alter them for different campaigns.

Custom Field for your leads and contacts

Why ProTexting?

Custom fields are one of our many features that help you better manage your data and create more effective campaigns.
ProTexting provides clients with a large selection of apps that can be used on their own or in conjunction with Custom Fields, such as