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SMS White Label Partner Program

sms white label
Agencies…Developers…Brands…Service Providers.
Do you have an established client base?
Partner with ProTexting and extend your offering by adding mobile
marketing to your solutions.

If you are an agency, have access to clients who are looking for mobile marketing platform or you simply want to be a part of the mobile revolution that is taking place right now, you can jump onboard with ProTexting's White Label Partner Program.
We also provide solutions for internal corporate messaging platforms. Our clients include Top 500 companies, universities, unions, etc.

Advantages of ProTexting's White Label Solution

Quick and cost-effective setup
Quick and cost-effective setup

We have spent years in developing and improving our White Label offer so our clients don’t have to worry about development and system maintenance. You will save huge upfront expenses when you join ProTexting’s White Label Partner Program. In addition you are saving years in development, short code certifications and compliance procedures. With our white label partner program your account can be set within a month, or less.
Maximize your profit
Maximize your profit

We offer preferred pricing to our partners. In addition, through our partner program you can create own pircing structure, create your own packages, and get an additional revenue stream via ProTexting’s App Marketplace.
Easy to use
Easy to use

Our team will handle all technical aspect of the system, updates and maintenance. Your job will be to build your business and servicing your clients. Our user-friendly platform allows you to manage your clients’ accounts with ease.
Get access to a comprehensive backend
Get access to a comprehensive backend

Our proprietary backend SMS platform will allow you to easily manage your clients, packages, credits, keywords, and apps. Also, you will be able to monitor all of your accounts’ activities and run reports.
Leading technology on the market
Leading technology in the industry

ProTexting is one of the leaders in SMS marketing and our team have been in the messaging industry since 2004. We know how to build and maintain sophisticated SMS and MMS products. Also, our team handles all of the CTIA and MMA compliances and best practices to ensure smooth campaigns and better results. You will be in good hands with our amazing support that answers all of your questions in a timely matter. We take care of our customers and make sure their campaigns run smoothly!
Training and support included
Good training and amazing support

Upon joining ProTexting, our team makes sure that all concerns or questions you might have are addressed properly. We provide ongoing support and assistance to all of our customers, and that’s why we have been the favorite SMS platform for many businesses.
Get a trusted partner
Get a trusted partner

Here at ProTexting, we partner with our clients and help them achieve their long term goals. There are different platforms who provide one-size-fits-all SMS white label solution. We are not one of them. At ProTexting we take a more tailored approach. We make sure we understand the needs of our clients ensure that the campaigns are set properly. Our team will help in your mobile marketing initiative and it will be a pleasant journey.
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