What’s new @ProTexting

  • Faster SMS Delivery, Salesforce Integration, Enhanced Text Drip Campaigns and Data Tagging

    1. Fast SMS Delivery: Send up to 1000 SMS messages per second. We have a launched a new way of sending group text messages that reaches a reate of up to 1000 SMS per second.  It is available to all account, no need to do anything.  Just keep sending group text messages to your clients, leads, team members and associates.
    2. Salesforce Integration Now Available! Seamlessly integrate your ProTexting and Salesforce accounts to begin sending text messages directly from the Salesforce dashboard.
    3. Enhanced Text Drip Campaigns: Introducing new "reset" options for campaign results and an improved search feature.
    4. Expanded Data Tagging for Enhanced Personalization: Enhanced capabilities for personalizing text messaging campaigns with improved recognition of added data.
  • Updated SMS Conversations, Text Loyalty, Shopify, Web sign up forms and more...

    1.    SMS Loyalty - NEW! You can easily add participants and check-ins within the SMS Loyalty dashboard.  It’s a great way to manually add new clients and check-in points.
    2.    Web sign up forms – new option to add text in the footer.  You can easily access this field in all forms (old or new).  Go to edit >> then find the field “Landing page info: Footer - below all content (optional)”.  This footer text is useful for all legal and compliance language to be added. Language such as: You will receive up to 4 text messages/month by our company.
    3.    Recurring schedule for Single SMS – based on our clients’ feedback, we were able to add the recurring text messages for all single messages.  Just pick the time to send, and select the options to send as follows: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
    4.    Shopify - added "REFUND status" SMS notifications. Great new feature for all clients integrated with Shopify.  You can now notify your customers via text message when a refund is issued.
    5.    Updated Conversations – typing and refreshing the page? Now, it’s saving the message even if you refresh the page. No more lost typed messages.  Also, we added delivery report status (pending, delivered, rejected and failed) for all outgoing text messages in the conversation module.

  • HubSpot MMS is LIVE! Improved message forwarding, conversations and reporting

    1.    HubSpot MMS is LIVE! Send MMS photos via our HubSpot integration and improve your messaging engagement. Learn more about the HubSpot SMS and MMS Integration here
    2.    Text Message Forwarding – improved SMS and MMS forwarding to your emails and mobile numbers.  Better and faster delivery.
    3.    Messaging Conversation – updated filters and sorting of messages, both SMS and MMS.
    4.    Text Message Delivery Reports – updated statuses and reasons of rejected SMS to better analyze campaigns.

  • New integrations: HubSpot and Intercom. Updated Text2Screen, Zapier, Groups SMS

    1.       HubSpot Integration – send high throughput text messages via ProTexting using any HubSpot workflow.  Just add the ProTexting action in HubSpot and send text messages to your leads and clients. Also, you can sync the contacts to ProTexting and forward incoming text messages to HubSpot.

    2.       Intercom Integration – forward all incoming SMS and MMS to Intercom and start a conversation. This feature will provide better customer service and text message channel to send replies and keep the conversation going.  In addition, import contacts to ProTexting and start sending group text messages.

    3.       Zapier SMS - new action: Update Contact.  The action will allow you to easily update any contact in ProTexting, by matching it by mobile number.

    4.       Lookup numbers in bulk - we added options to add country code, if missing, and format optimization, removing ()- and empty spaces.

    5.       Improved group text messaging with auto-replacement of non-support SMS characters.  This feature will ensure your messages are delivered properly worldwide with the supported SMS encoding.

    6.       Text 2 Screen – option to number the text messages on the screen.  By numbering or marking the text message participants will be able to easily locate the message on the screen.

  • New features: Shopify Abandoned Cart SMS Alert, Holiday and Closed Smart SMS Auto-Responders, New Zapier Template and more...

    1.    Shopify SMS Notifications – Abandoned Cart SMS Alert – the new text message alert can be sent automatically if Shopify clients leave their shopping carts and not finalizing the checkout.  It is a great way to remind them that their shopping cart is still active.  We provide great stats, such as total sent SMS, completed orders, success rate and total revenue.  All stats can be filtered by date and showing the store currency. Also, the SMS shopping cart notification provides support for data tags – names, store name, shopping cart URL, etc.  Long SMS are available, for up to 480 characters.  Great feature to boost your Shopify online store sales.
    2.    Holiday and Closed (after hours) Smart SMS Auto-Responders – This feature will send alternative SMS if business is OFF-HOURS (closed) or during holidays. Holidays can be set dynamically by choosing date range. Perfect for ZipWhip clients looking for an alternative, as the company is closing down this year. Support for short URL, data tags, emoji and long SMS.
    3.    New Zapier template to automatically import data from Google Spreadsheets.  All done in just a few clicks and then the text message campaigns are running on autopilot.
    4.    New MMS format support for iPhone photos.  The MMS improvements allows direct upload of iPhone photos, in HEIC format, directly from your ProTexting iOS app.
    5.    Design QR Codes for SMS Keywords – new you can add colors and logo for the 2D QR codes.  It will make your sign-up text message QR codes better looking and this will result in more sign ups.
    6.    Contacts and Groups – in the list of groups, we now show total contacts for each group.  This update will give an opportunity to quickly view how your groups sign ups has grown.
    7.    Providing instant toll-free SMS numbers to all new accounts.  If you are ready to sign up and start your text message marketing, please click here.



  • New Analytics, Quick sending of Group SMS and MMS campaigns, Improved iOS and more...

    1. New Analytics – messaging traffic "By Country and City". Easily accessed in the Analytics section >> Outbound Details >> scroll down to the bottom to view all contacts by Country and City.
    2. Quick sending of Group SMS and MMS for campaigns smaller than 2000 contacts. Our team has developed a much quicker text message sending for smaller campaigns.  Supporting both SMS and MMS.
    3. Improved iOS and Google Play apps – better navigation, easily retore deleted inbox messages, view all short codes, 10DLC and long codes in the account, edit contacts, etc.
    4. Updated SMS Keyword Sequences App – added quick links to apps and campaigns to conveniently access other sections of the dashboard.
    5. MMS audio - added preview and supporting more audio extensions.
    6. Amazon Sellers using Text Messaging for increasing reviews and sales. Now, within the app, clients using Amazon Texting app can easily check the status of Amazon order.
  • Updated and improved iOS app, Smart Q&A, Amazon Messaging Integration App and more...

    1. Improved data export – with the new export data system, exporting contacts, inbox, participants, etc. is much quicker and done almost instantly.
    2. Updated Amazon Messaging Integration App – new auto-reply tabs, separated in different sections, to easily manage all SMS Amazon Flows. In addition, updating auto-reply messages is now even easier, by selecting multiple keywords and applying the same autoreply text message to all selected text keywords.
    3. SMS Drip Campaigns –added in all auto-responders options to easily add Short URLs, Emoji and Data Tags
    4. Improved Smart Q&A text messaging app – added new SMS autoresponders messages for better flows and compliance.
    5. Updated iOS SMS Marketing app – improved design and navigation. Importing contacts now is processed in the background while you can still browse the app.
    6. SMS Notifications Sections – added option to select all notification options at once.
  • Improved SMS Web Sign Up Forms, Amazon Messaging for Sellers, SMS Drip Campaigns and more...

    1. SMS Web sign up forms now work with “Keyword Sequence” app. It is an easy way to “trigger” more SMS keywords flows, in a sequence, after participants sign up.
    2. Improved “Amazon Messaging App” for sellers – simplified SMS flow interface and adding newly updated Amazon API. Updating our Amazon API will allow us to be ahead of the transition that Amazon is planning to do in 2021/2022.
    3. Updated iOS app – improved navigation and import of contacts.
    4. Improved “API - GROUP SMS” - allowing long SMS up to 3-part SMS, total of 480 characters.
    5. SMS Drip Campaigns - option to delete remaining messages and easily create new campaigns.
  • Updated Amazon Sellers, Media Section and Web Sign Up Forms

    1. Updated Amazon Sellers SMS APP: MMS start rating or review, following an Initial Keyword Text-In. This feature is super convenient if you run 2 or more SMS keywords. For each SMS keyword you can create different text message flow and set different auto-replies based on the MMS star ratings or reviews received by your clients.
    2. Improved media section to upload logos and other digital assets.
    3. Web Sign up Forms with “keyword flows” – an option to add “keyword sequence” app and trigger more texting campaigns after subscribers sign up.
  • New Features: Barcodes SMS Promo Codes, Sub Text Keywords, Updated Mobile Chatbox and Amazon Sellers SMS apps

    1. New Feature: Barcodes (1D and 2D QR) support for SMS Coupon Codes. Now, for each group of coupon codes you will be able to create barcodes. This will easy the process of coupon code processing if your business and system is utilizing a POS or mobile scanners.
    2. Sub keywords: new update in the SMS Keywords module. Option to create sub keywords for each main keyword. The sub keywords or additional words will send back auto-reply text message, following the main keyword, based on the sub-keyword custom responses.
    3. Mobile Chatbox app update: new messages notification pop-up on the screen indicating that you have received new text messages. Super convenient if you are running several tasks while expecting SMS messages from your clients and participants.
    4. Updated Amazon Sellers SMS APP: Valid Amazon Order Auto-Reply, following an Initial Keyword Text-In. We had numerous requests about this add-on from our amazon sellers clients. Now, there is an option to create even better text messaging flows based on TRIGGER TEXT Keyword – send different coupon code, offers, review request, etc.
  • Improved Amazon Seller SMS App, Conversations, Text Message Enterprise Dashboard and Support for 10DLC

    1. Improved billing invoices, option to add additional information to the invoice such updated company name, tax ID, etc.
    2. Updated Conversation - option to choose SEND FROM number. Absolutely amazing update requested by many clients.  Convenient way to easily and quickly send replies from different short codes or long numbers (10DLC including)
    3. Support for 10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) numbers with quick provisioning times.
    4. Improved Amazon Seller SMS app - instant push of new messages to the app dashboard allowing for faster auto-reply messages and flow triggers. In addition, the system now accepts more variation of the Amazon Order ID, in case subscribers type it incorrectly.
    5. Improved Enterprise SMS Dashboard with custom logo and more features to manage sub-accounts. If you are business managing several locations, the Text Messaging Enterprise Dashboard is a great platform to utilize.
  • Updated Amazon SMS Integration, Long Codes Auto-Replies, Constant Contact V.3, MMS Sending and more...

    1. Amazon Sellers SMS Integration – new email notification alert added for authorization tokens about to expire. Friendly email is sent 1 month before the token expires.  ProTexting clients can simply renew it at Amazon Seller Central.  Follow the steps to renew Amazon token here >>
    2. New Option for sending MMS – a checkbox to include or not "high resolution" additional short URL  It will automatically remembers the last choice made. This feature will speed up the sending of all MMS campaigns and makes it more flexible.
    3. Updated API Constant Contacts to version 3. All fresh and updated to the newest Constant Contact V3 API. This major update will make the contacts syncing more optimized and faster.
    4. Contacts Module - in "additional info" section, if shipping info is populated, it will be shown automatically. You will not need to do an extra click to view the shipping information of your contacts.
    5. Sent History Export will include the number of credits used to better manage your data and easily import in any external service/CRM.
    6. Added Custom SMS Auto-Reply message per 10DLC or DEDICATED Long Code. This feature will allow you to set an autoresponder on 10DLC (Long Code) level, without the need to reserve a keyword. By doing so, all incoming messages will trigger an auto-reply message.  In addition, you will be able to create an alternative auto-reply message for all messages that are received after the first one.  Example, you can prompt your participants to:  “Text our number 333-444-5555 for more info”
  • New Zapier Trigger, Updated Amazon Seller Integration, Improved Long Codes and Contacts Management

    1. New Zapier trigger "New Contact's Shipping Details" will push any new or updated contact's shipping details in ProTexting to Zapier. Push and sync shipping info to any online shopping platform, Shopify, BigCommerce, CRM, Google docs, etc.
    2. Amazon SMS Integration Updates: Send Auto-Reply based on Amazon Order Status. This is great way to create additional SMS funnels for your amazon customers.  Also, improved order checks for valid format, to make it smarter and send back "Invalid Order ID" auto-reply text.
    3. Exporting contacts now includes the SHIPPING addresses of your customers, in case they have entered it. This feature will allow you to easily export and upload/sync the shipping details of your customers to any external platform.
    4. Long Codes option to buy in BULK. Now it’s super easy to buy and reserve multiple long numbers in a specific country, city or area code. Our team also added a feature to bulk remove long codes; in case you don’t need them in your SMS messaging campaigns.
    5. Improved Sent Messages section with an option for better preview and multi delete of sent history.
  • Updated SMS DRIP Campaigns, Text Sign Up Forms, New SMS Marketing Modules...

    1. Updated SMS DRIP Campaigns with options for instant auto-reply update, data tags and short URLs. You can do all those updates while the campaign is running. In addition,we added options to EXPORT participants and new feature to turn ON/OFF the welcome SMS autoresponder.
    2. New section in “Long Codes Reservation” app: history of all long codes activity on when they were added and deleted.
    3. Running a web sign up form? Now you can easily remove the ProTexting branded logo and create even more native SMS sign up forms to embed on your online stores.
    4. Amazon SMS Integration app – quicker view of MMS. Our machine learning MMS module has been extremely popular among Amazon Sellers and we introduced new technology for quicker view of all incoming MMS photos.
    5. New and updated API to manage SMS Coupon Codes. It is super easy and convenient for any online seller to manage coupon codes and organize them by tags.  Coupon Tags are useful when running specific promotions.
    6. Improved Short URL search and filters in the list of all short URLs. Quickly find the Shor URL you need for a specific text messaging marketing campaign.
    7. New Module in Contacts section: Bulk update PHONE format. This feature is extremely important in case you upload international number with wrong format. Using the bulk update phone format, you can quickly add or replace leading country codes.
  • Updated SMS Sign up Forms, Shopify Text App, Improved Android app, Amazon Integration in Europe...

    1. Updated SIGN UP FORM – improved design for all the public SMS sign up forms, more compact and mobile optimized. Improved embedded code to work well with Shopify online stores for SMS sign ups.
    2. SHOPIFY SMS App Updated - new features added for easy SMS keyword reservation + set up of SMS sign up forms
    3. Improved Android app for better performance and navigation.
    4. Amazon Sellers Central Text Messaging Integration now works in "European Region" and more, covering all countries: Germany, Spain, France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
    5. Improved Analytics with option to select more than one keyword for the Keyword Performance reporting and better PDF report export.
  • New Integrations with Shopify and Zapier for Amazon Sellers, New Feature: COUPONS, Improved Filters and Mobile Web Surveys...

    1. Zapier and Amazon Sellers Integrations – easy and simple way to pull and import all Amazon Sellers orders into ProTexting’s text messaging Amazon Sellers Integration app, using our easy-to-setup Zapier integration. More info here >>
    2. Shopify Text Messaging Integration – Great news for all shopify online store owners! Now, you can easily integrate your shopify store with ProTexting and utilize the SMS and MMS power. Send order notifications, alerts, surveys, etc.  Build text messaging list easily and quickly.
    3. Improved Analytics – Select multiple keywords and view short code info on all “SMS and MMS Keyword” analytics.
    4. Improved Mobile Web Surveys – easily setup all auto-reply messages with quick preview.
    5. Contacts - new filter added "has a birth date record", which will allow you to quickly filter all contacts that DO or DO NOT have birthdays. Filters contacts, can be groups into new group and you can send out a text messaging campaign asking contacts to update their birthdays, using our “Birthday Capture” SMS feature.
    6. Improved mobile apps with option to better view GIFs and MMS messages.
    7. New Feature: COUPONS – easily and simply add any list of custom coupon codes and add them to outgoing SMS and MMS campaigns. Use the data tag [COUPON] and the system will automatically add unique promo code to each outgoing text message. Great feature if you are utilizing our Amazon Sellers Integration with SMS messaging or Shopify SMS
    8. Amazon Sellers Integration – option to filter incoming messages with order IDs by replied or not replied status.
  • New Feature:  Customer Support (HELP), Test Amazon Orders, Improved Sign Up Forms...

    1. New Feature:  Customer Support (HELP) for your text messaging campaigns - Enter your business contact info (phone number, email and/or office address), where participants can get in touch with you. Include in every message: HELP: <YOUR SHORT URL HELP Page> by using a DATA TAG [SUPPORT].  Setup "Notifications" to receive all messages submitted via the "Customer Support (HELP)" form via SMS or email. Messages will show in your HELP inbox as well.
    2. Test Amazon Orders for Text Messaging Flows – test Valid, Not Valid and Duplicated orders. Easy way to setup your Amazon Text Messaging Funnel.  More info here >>
    3. Improved sign up forms with better formatting for landing + success pages.  This way clients can add more info about their company, products, etc.
    4. Billing Section – we now show info about additional LONG CODES, showing total long numbers per country + total amount.

  • Updated Zapier Integration, Name Capture, Alternative Method of Entry, SMS Drip Campaigns, and more...

    1. New Section: Public Landing Pages. Options to change the settings on public landing pages, such as Shipping Details update, Sweeps Rules Pages, Custom Sign Up Forms. Update coming up on “Text Me” buttons app with an option to set up customer service contact info and keep in touch directly with your customers via SMS.
    2. Edit single contact: option to add/remove to all groups and improved, quick search for groups.
    3. Updated “Name Capture” with shortcuts tags in incoming message to save FIRST and LAST names anywhere in the message. Shortcuts allowed: “add”, “name”, “n”
    4. Updated “Amazon Sellers Integrations” – custom HTML text on Shipping Details success page. Machine Learning module to recognize review stars in incoming MMS and send back auto-reply messages, based on review submitted by clients. All auto-replies are automated.
    5. Alternative Method of Entry” forms, updated with an option to add HTML content after form submission. This feature will allow your campaign participants to click on a link, watch video or read info, after entry is submitted.
    6. Update ZAPIER SMS Integration: New Contacts are pushed to Zapier if contacts are added or updated. Single group support only.
    7. NEW APP: Scheduled Auto Replies - set up targeted messages that match your schedule. For example, if you want to promote special events or promotions in the coming months, you can schedule a different message to go out in March 2020, April 2020, etc.
    8. Updated SMS and MMS DRIP campaigns – added weekly option to schedule outgoing SMS or MMS messages.
  • Updated and improved: Amazon Sellers SMS Integrations, Sweeps (Text 2 Win) app, Mobile SMS Coupons, Updated API...

    1. Updated Sweeps (Text 2 Win) app: data in incoming SMS or MMS is automatically updating the contact’s info (email, DOB, names, state, ZIP – if present). Improved analytics and data entry, showing now lists for Early and Late entries. Alternative method of entry (web forms) - now accepts entries only between the START/END times of the SMS sweepstake campaign.

    2. Updated SMS Validators - Start & End Campaign time and date with associated autoresponders. New section in SMS Validators, showing all messaging activities with amazing filters to group and analyze the campaign entries. New validator for states added.

    3. Mobile SMS Coupons – enhanced SMS coupon generator and redemption public landing page.

    4. Updated API – Schedule Group MMS – option to add MMS template, for better performance and instant sending. Options to manage MMS media files better (create, view, delete)

    5. Amazon Sellers SMS Integrations – new option to filter client and quickly add them to group/s, for increased participation via Group Text Messaging – sending offers, reminders for order reviews and update shipping information via the integrated Short URL Shipping Address. Improved feature to BULK update all not verified orders, all done automatically once you connect your Amazon Seller Account.

    6.  Select "Send From" short or long number, for all single outgoing SMS and MMS. In case you have multiple Short and Long codes in the account, the Auto-Reply messages will always send back the autoresponder from the Short or Long code that was texted in.

  • UPDATED Amazon Sellers Integration, Sign up forms, Data tags, WhatsApp messaging [beta]

    1. UPDATED Amazon Sellers Integration - Order Products Details Synced, Duplicate Order IDs management, View Orders on Amazon - direct, quick link, New Order status “Not Verified, Quickly Verify orders on the go
    2. Improved MMS GIFs – now you can send up to 7MB animated GIFs, optimized for best performance on major carriers.
    3. CONTACTS filter - find contacts NOT in any group and easily add them to existing or new groups.
    4. WhatsApp messaging in BETA – add WhatsApp channel to your brand, just ask us about requirements.
    5. Sign Up forms – option to hide groups and improved landing page content editor.
    6. Vertical Response Integration – improved syncing in the background all automated and field matching.
    7. DATA Tags – added data tags in custom fields. Quick and easy setup with custom DATA tags.
  • UPDATED Birthday Wishes APP, MMS Drag and Drop, Amazon Sellers Integration and more

    1. New UPDATED Birthday Wishes APP - Now supporting MMS, Emojis, Short URL and Dynamic Data Tags! An option to quickly turn ON/OFF the campaign, and easily select a time of the day to send the messaging greetings via text message or MMS (photo or video).
    1. MMS – Drag and Drop – easily upload up to 5 files, with quick name edit and monitor the progress of upload in real time.
    1. Improved “Birthday Capture” App – new and improved intelligent messaging system that detects the birthdate anywhere in the SMS. The ProTexting system now supports different DOB formats. The Birthday Capture App can now be used together with any other data capture apps.
    1. Improved INBOX – quickly mark messages as READ or UNREAD.
    1. Improved DRIP Campaigns analytics – added new section with better data analytics for all participants (text in, uploads, added via groups).
    1. New APP: Amazon Sellers Integration – allowing Amazon sellers to quickly integrate a ProTexting account with their Amazon accounts, and automate order verifications using Text-In Keywords via SMS.
  • Appointment Reminders with Google Calendars, Updated Drip Campaigns, API Inbox...

    1. New API – Available Credits Check– available FREE to all clients. Instantly check the number of credits available in your ProTexting account. This feature will help you plan any future text messaging campaign automatically and make sure you have sufficient credits.
    2. NEW APP – Keyword Sequence – easily schedule and run up to 3 consecutive text message campaigns, triggered by a keyword. You can schedule the 2nd and 3rd keyword to be triggered at any time in the future (minutes, hours, days).
    3. Improved “Drip Campaigns” app – allowing Long SMS, up to 480 characters in the Auto Reply and Drip messages. “Data” tags are available as well, customizing the messages even more with names and other available attributes.
    4. New Section “Manage Short Code + Long Codes” – easily add Long Codes and turn off/on the assigned default short code, in case you need to send messages to your recipients using a local number.
    5. Updated “API INBOX” - option to extract data by using mobile number and date filters.
    6. NEW APP: Appointment Reminders (Sync Google Calendars) – sync all of your Google Calendars with ProTexting and easily schedule SMS reminders for appointments and alerts.
  • Updated Sweeps (Text 2 Win), Drip Campaigns, Mobile Chatbox, Contacts...

    1. Updated Sweeps (Text 2 Win) app - Option to update / change keywords in the campaign, improved listing of participants, option to send a quick SMS and improved winner generation module.
    2. Updated DRIP campaigns – show info, within the campaign dashboard, if there are ACTIVE groups to add contacts in the campaign via “Import Contacts”, “Zapier” or “API Contacts”. Added MMS Templates in the drip messages.
    3. Add contacts to already scheduled group SMS or MMS campaigns via “Import Contacts” and “Add Single Contact”. All group SMS and MMS campaigns with an option to add new contacts are clearly marked as such in the section “Scheduled Messages”
    4. Improved “Mobile Chatbox” - showing only active keywords, short codes/long numbers supported and improved load time of “Mobile Chatbox” screen.
  • New APP: Long Codes Reservation, Improved Short URLs and SMS Loyalty program, Animated GIFs

    1. Long Code Reservation – The ProTexting team worked hard to bring international connectivity to our clients. The team has launched a new app, which allows you to reserve local numbers in more than 35 countries. For complete list of supported countries with local long numbers, click here.
    2. API Messaging via LONG CODE numbers – This app offers API connectivity to your newly reserved long code. Once you reserve a local number, in case you need a simple API for a few transactional messages daily, this app is the perfect choice. Full API long code documentation can be found here >>.  It is a simple API messaging app for Local Long Numbers with a rate of 1 SMS per second. You will need to reserve a local long number to use the app via "Long Code Reservation" app. For larger sending volume, please add the "API - Messaging (SMS and MMS)", which utilizes a short code gateway and can support up to 40 SMS per second. Also available: worldwide SMS coverage.
    3. Improved Short URL app – Updates include: faster load time and better analytics. Additionally, you have more options to export and add the contacts easily to a group.
    4. Updated ENTERPRISE Dashboard – better account management, adding custom plans, improved stats. Ask our sales team about adding the “Enterprise” dashboard to your account. It’s a great platform if you manage sub-accounts or have different teams with different account access.
    5. Support for ANIMATED GIFs for both outgoing and incoming MMS.
    6. SMS Loyalty app – One of the most trending apps on the marketplace. Updates include: added FULL screen feature for iPads, new design settings options for promotional images and background and improved IU for iPad.
  • Improved SMS Loyalty, Web Surveys, Auto Responders and more...

    1. Improved SMS Loyalty – added an additional step in the sign up from, to collect more data. This extra pop-up shows after the participants signs up for the messaging Loyalty program. It’s a great way to collect more data about your subscribers, such as email, names, etc.  Option to setup the SMS messaging loyalty program without PIN access (great for busy restaurants, coffee shops and bars)
    2. Mobile Web Surveys – improved campaign setup with an option to automatically resize the images used in the online campaign forms. Clients will be able to setup the campaigns now easier and quicker, with no need to resize and match the images.
    3. Import Contacts – our intelligent recognition system, easily detects all file fields and automatically match them with the corresponding contacts fields.
    4. New and improved SMS and MMS messaging templates – easier management and convenient access from the major sending modules.
    5. Mobile Chatbox – improved messaging screen with loading more messages and easier access to replies and forwards.
    6. Auto Responders now support LONG SMS – up to 480 characters.
  • Updated: Constant Contact integration, Mobile Chatbox, Auto Replies, APIs

    1. Updated API: View all scheduled and sent messages (Single and Group) + option to delete scheduled messages.
    2. Auto Reply - added EMOJI. Make your auto reply messages better with emoji and increase the campaign response and participation rate.
    3. iOS app improved – better navigation, easier access to Send and Schedule Group SMS.
    4. NEW APP: Alternative Method of Entry – if you run Text 2 Win sweepstakes or SMS Loyalty program, the newly added app will give you access to accept entries/sign ups via online forms (in addition to Text in a keyword).
    5. New Feature: Auto Reply BULK update – easily update ALL or ANY of your mobile keywords.
    6. Moble Chatbox improvement – now with EMOJI and smart incoming routing, showing all relevant messages without texting a keyword.
    7. Updated Constant Contact integration. Now, you can easily sync contacts between Constant Contact and ProTexting by selecting from/to groups. Automatic syncing is available as well.
  • New API methods, Improved Drip Campaigns and Zapier Integration, Updated Import Contacts

    1. Improved Drip Campaigns – added real time analytics on all sent and received messages (both SMS and MMS). Option to view all participants and follow up with them.  Integration with Zapier and any other ProTexting group – easily add contacts and push/start the messaging drip campaign.
    2. NEW API: Schedule Single Message API – for all clients using our APIs, we have added a new API method to easily schedule single SMS and MMS. It’s easy and simple to integrate.
    3. UPDATED API: Scheduled Group SMS - list all scheduled group SMS and MMS campaign. Added an option to delete as well.
    4. Improved Import Contacts module – smart detection of column names and easy matching with ProTexting contacts’ fields.
    5. Updated Zapier app – automatically add contact in selected group, even if the contact is already in the ProTexting account.
  • Updated SMS templates, Virtual Business Card App, Improved Delivery Reports

    1. Updated SMS Templates with support for LONG SMS (up to 480 chars, 3 SMS).  The module is updated in both Single SMS and Group SMS sections.
    2. Messaging API - updated with support of incoming multi MMS.  The API call will provide all media URLs of the message to sync.  Some MMS message contain more than one photo or video.
    3. Improved Delivery Reports with quicker updates of messaging status and more accurate status update on pending SMS and MMS.
    4. Improved Virtual Business Cards App – better navigation, support for Long SMS up to 480 characters and emoji.
  • Send LONG SMS, Improved Contacts Segmentation, Smart Q&A, SMS Conversations...

    1. Send LONG Group or Single SMS messages, up to 480 characters, total of 3 SMS will be combined in 1 long SMS (multi-part) received by recepients. This will enable a better communication with your audience by sending 1 LONG SMS, instead of several SMS.
    2. Conversation module: added options to “archive”, “archive all” (for incoming only) and “delete” for both incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages. This new update will give an option to quickly manage messages in your inbox, and remove the ones that you don’t want to see in the messaging conversation module. In addition, all messages in the conversation module will be automatically marked as READ once viewed in the browser.
    3. DRIP Campaigns – add contacts via Zapier or Import contacts modules. This new feature will allow you to add contacts into the campaign not only by texting a keyword, but also, by manually adding them into a group or through Zapier.  The group then, can be attached to the drip SMS/MMS campaign, and all new contacts are automatically added to the drip.
    4. Contacts Segmentation – easily filter by state or country and group the contacts into separate groups for better management. Filters can accommodate multiple area codes at once.
    5. Smart Q&A app – updated with new, welcome message, which includes compliance language for SMS mobile marketing campaigns.
    6. Improved SMS loyalty app – better navigation and an option to join the SMS loyalty program via mobile optimized web page.
  • UPDATED: API Inbox, API Keywords, Web Sign Up Forms, Drip Campaigns.

    1. Updated “API INBOX” & “API KEYWORDS”: Now listing keyword IDs via “API keywords”.  The IDs can be used for filtering by KEYWORDS for all incoming messages (API inbox). You can check if a keyword has been texted-in. Parameter in use would be “Keyword_Id”. This feature will give a flexibility to filter all INBOX messages by keyword.  Read the API docs here >>

    2. Text 2 Win (Sweeps) updated with a new list containing all “Terms & Conditions” pages you have created. The list can be easily updated. You can view and remove any “terms” pages used for any Text-to-Win campaign.

    3. UPDATED: Web Sign Up Tools (Custom Sign-up Forms) options added: Optional setting to ask subscriber to agree to “terms and conditions” and an option to “Receive General Notifications”. This feature is useful if you need to add “Terms” page or “Privacy Policy” to your campaign. Also, if you need to receive consent from your participants to send marketing messages in the future.

    4. UPDATED: Drip Campaigns via SMS and MMS - added Short URL option for better user engagement within the drip messages.

  • Improved Inbox, Sent Histsory Export, Emoji keyword search, Contacts API

    1. Contacts API analytics – added new analytics filter, to show SOURCE of sign ups (text in, web form sign ups, exteranl import, API import).

    2. Easily check for availability for EMOJI keyword using our Keyword checker.

    3. Improved Sent History export - new field showing MMS or SMS message type, and MMS resource file if present.

    4. Improved Inbox - ability to quickly archive messages by "select all", added first & last pages shortcuts.  Better MMS viewer, if multiple photos received.

    5. Updated Conversation (Inbox) - showing multiple MMS photos, added clickable links


  • NEW FEATURE! Conversations, Message Forwarding Filters & MMS, Long SMS in Surveys, and more...

    1. NEW FEATURE! Conversations: These are threaded conversations which will allow you to quickly view your message history with anyone of your contacts. In addition, you can easily start a conversation with any participant texting your keywords or replying to your bulk messages.
    2. Message Forwarding Filters: New indication showing how many filters are currently active is now available. It is a great way to quickly view if there are any filters active for message forwarding.
    3. MMS Message Forwarding: Shows the actual MMS photo in addition to the text sent in the forwarded message to your email/mobile numbers. This way, you can quickly see what has been sent to your ProTexting inbox
    4. LONG SMS for Surveys & Polls APP: An optimization that will help you send LONG SMS (up to 480 characters) for both Push-To-Vote & Text-To-Vote campaigns.
    5. Updated Mobile Chatbox: This app gets an update with the ability to receive ALL replies of participants without texting in a keyword with every message every single time.

    For more info, checkout our blog post >>

  • NEW APP: API Lookup numbers, Updated Sweeps, Improved MMS gallery & Short URL

    1. Easy keyword ordering - buy additional keywords with 2 easy steps. Based on our clients’ feedback, we have added a quick way to add keywords.
    2. Improved MMS gallery navigation and Short URL selection – both of those features are widely used in many campaigns, and now it is much easier to manage MMS & Short URLs.
    3. Sweeps - updated with an optional opt-in SMS, if entries are collected via the alternative entry form.
    4. NEW APP: API Lookup numbers – easily lookup any number in over 200 countries, and receive a report if it's a mobile number, valid or invalid, and who is the carrier. Easy integration & real time lookups. View the API Lookup numbers docs here >>
  • Emojis, Long SMS via API, updated "Validators"

    1. EMOJIS are live! Inbound and outbound messaging with Emojis. Get emoji keyword via the “Reserve Emoji Keyword” app and create even more engaging campaigns.
    2. Updated campaigns “Validators” – send validation SMS if the required field's data is present and does not pass validation.
    3. Send INTERNATIONAL & special characters in all outbound SMS. Keep in mind that if you use special characters in your outbound campaigns, the length of SMS might be decreased.
    4. Updated API Messaging to send LONG multipart SMS, up to 480 characters (3 SMS). View the updated API docs here >>
  • MMS in Drip Campaigns, Improved Forwarded Messages, Update on API Contacts

    1. Long SMS supported for message forwarding – when you receive long SMS from your participants, ProTexting will forward the message as one long SMS, and message will not be cut off. In addition, all forwarded messages will have the sender’s phone number at the end so you can easily contact them.

    2. Sent History Reporting – improved graph & added reasons for rejected or failed messages – this way you can better manage the contacts. In addition, from this report, you will be able to delete contacts or add them to separate groups – useful if you need to purge invalid contacts based on the reports.

    3. [Updated] API Contacts - OptOut Method: undo the optout, which will allow you to optin the contact/s if they have opted out by accident, or requested to optin via your CRM, website, etc.

    4. MMS added in Drip Campaigns – in case you are running Drip Campaigns, you can easily add MMS to your campaign and create even more engaging messages.

  • IMPROVED: Web sign up forms, Message forwarding, Quick load of credits, Custom Short URLs

    1. Web Sign Up Forms – customize landing and thank you pages, with your own language and branding.
    2. Forwarding messages to mobile – added mobile number of sender, at end of message. This will allow you to quickly initiate a 2-way messaging conversation.
    3. Quick load of credits when preparing campaign – if you schedule large campaign and don’t have enough credits, you will be able to quickly renew and load credits into your account via a quick prompt.
    4. Short URL management – in case you need to disable any of the short URL you are using, you can noew deactivate them and stop forwarding traffic to the endpoint web page or app link.
    5. Custom Short URL – it’s time to reserve a short URL with your brand so recipients can easily recognize your company and increase click-through rate.
  • Distribution lists, Smart contacts import, Keyword Message Forwarding to a mobile number...

    1. Distribution lists - this new feature will allow you to easily create a sending list with several or all of your groups.

    2. Smart contacts import from a file, with field matching – easy way to import any data file, with contacts’ info, and properly insert it into the correct fields.

    3. Keyword Message Forwarding to a mobile number - now you can forward all of your KEYWORD incoming messaging to mobile phone/s.

    4. New API Contacts Management method – OptOut – if you manage your contacts via ProTexting’s API, now you can optout contacts easily via API calls. View the docs here >>

  • Smart Q&A app - MMS added, Contacts Segmentation, Text 2 Win (Sweepstakes) "Rules", and more...

    1. "Smart Q&A" app - MMS added, now you can receive photos or videos from participants

    2. Contacts Segmentation - filtering your contacts is easy now.  You can filter by any data point and group them easily.

    3. "Text 4 Feedback" - added PIN option for quick access and campaign management

    4. "Text 2 Win" (Sweepstakes) "Rules" page - added optional "Rules" landing page, which can be set up in couple of minutes.

  • Updated "Smart Q&A" App, Zapier, MMS Videos and Quick Contact Search - Single SMS

    1. Single SMS - Easy Contact search: quickly search by number, first and last names when sending single text message.
    2. "Smart Q&A" App - send messages in sequence. Also, you can now edit, stop and start any of the SMS in the campaign.
    3. Zapier - updated trigger "New Inbound SMS" with 2 new fields: country code and local number.  The updated is great if you need to track messaging by country, or just need to separate the local number and further process it.
    4. MMS update with new video processing - improved quality and faster processing times for most video formats.
  • New Contacts Dashboard, International Carrier Lookup, Short URL Tracking, SMS & MMS to screen

    1. New Contacts Dashboard - showing the source of all contacts - Text in, Sign Up Forms, Import, External Import via 3rd party services.

    2. Need International Reach - our Carrier Lookup has been updated with global carrier information, which will provide info on the local carriers.

    3. Short URL Tracking - updated handset information and device location.

    4. SMS & MMS to screen - improved messaging queue and management.

  • Updated Virtual Business Cards, API Messaging, Short URL Tracking

    1. Updated Virtual Business Cards - new 2-step process for better managment of all virtual business cards: auto replies & .vcf downloadable files.

    2. API Messaging - allowing 3 methods to incoming SMS and delivery reports: get, post, post-json.

    3. Short URL Tracking - improved click tracking and supporting large data exports.

    4. Improved QR Codes to better support any Text 2 Join messaging campaign.

    5. Enhanced sent history & delivery reports sections.

  • Inbox Trash, Text 2 Join Sharable Social Image, Updated Mobile Chatbox

    1. Inbox Trash - all deleted messages are move to the new Inbox Trash folder, where they are kept for 30 days.  In case you need to quickly recover deleted messages, you can go to "Inbox Trash" folder and recover the messages you need.

    2. Text 2 Join Sharable Social Image - an instant image will be created for all of your keywords so you can easily share on social media.

    3. Updated Mobile Chatbox - many of our clients have been using our Mobile Chatbox for different event types, and we have added an easy way to see total number of messages in each folder.

  • Improved Import Contacts Module, New App: Carrier Lookup, Text 4 Feedback mobile control

    1. Import Contacts - an improved feature that allows you to import and add contacts into groups, all done in the background while you can manage other sections of your account.

    2. New App: Carrier Lookup - it will check if a mobile number is valid, and lookup the carrier.  You can lookup a single number or upload a file.

    3. Text 4 Feedback mobile control - a quick access to the dashboard for our app "Text 4 Feedback", easily manage any campaign on the go.  Super useful for events, conferenced, etc.

  • New ProTexting 3.0 system & dashboard, notification module, New App "Random Questions", and more..

    1. New ProTexting 3.0 system & dashboard - Improved Responsive Design, Upgraded Dashboard, Fast Shortcuts to Live Campaigns and Improved Overall Navigation.  Play Video here

    2. Notification Module - receive instant updates via SMS, web or email for important account activities, such as approved MMS, campaigns sent, billing, etc.

    3. New App "Random Questions" - need to run another interactive messaging campaign?  Try the new app "Random Questions" which will send different question (auto-reply) every time a subscriber text in a keyword.

    4. Bulk opt-out - in case you need to unsubscribe multiple contacts, you can do that in bulk. Go to "Contacts" and on the bottom click on "Opt-Out Multiple Contacts"

    5. Running a sweeps (text 2 win) campaign? We have added a "Date of Birth Validation" gate available in all alternative entry forms.

    6. API Contacts Management - a new parameter <message> added, which will trigger a message (welcome SMS auto reply) to be sent to the newly added contact in your account. In addition, you can populate any custom field now.

  • New APP - Mobile Chatbox, New API for Inbox & Schedule Group SMS, Improved Text 2 Screen, Improved Web sign up forms & more...

    1. New APP - Mobile Chatbox - easily access your inbox on the go, and connect any or all of your keywords. Reply to your messages quickly, filter messages, access via mobile or desktop, share the inbox link with your team. Perfect tool for online events that require easy and quick messaging.

    2. New API for Inbox & Schedule Group SMS - if you need to integrate ProTexting with your system, now you can access your ProTexting inbox and schedule group campaigns (SMS & MMS).

    3. Improved Text 2 Screen - ability to choose SMS or MMS view.

    4. Web sign up forms - custom Auto Reply messages for opt-in confirmation code.

    5. Bulk Keywords Reservation - reserve more than 1 keyword at a time.

    6. Support for Emojis via our Long Codes - ask us about our support for emojis, via local long codes.

  • Export data history, messaging archive and new RESTful API

    1. Export data history - now you can export your INBOX data, using the filters, and keep the exported files in your account for 30 days. Go to "Settings" >> "Exported Files".

    2. New RESTful API - Keyword Management.  If you'd like to manage your keywords, using our API, you can integrate easily. Please visit our API docs.

    3. Archive INBOX messages.  Great feature to save some of your messages in the archive section of the messaging inbox.

    4. Multiple keywords reservation.  If you need to reserve keywords in bulk, you can do that by going to "Reserve Keyword" >> "Multiple Keywords Reservation" and copy and paste the list of keywords.

  • Long SMS concatenation, Personalized Messages, Zapier MMS

    1. Need to receive LONG SMS? ProTexting automatically concatenate all incoming messages, so if your participants just type in long text messages, and it is cut off in several messages, ProTexting's algorithm will consolidate all of those SMS into one long text message.

    2. Personalized Messages - insert data tags into your Group SMS or Auto replies and they will be replaced automatically with your contacts' data.  Messages will be personal and more powerful.

    3. If you are using Zapier, now you can send and receive MMS (photos, videos, long SMS).  Long SMS are automatically converted to MMS.

  • Message Forwarding Filters, Animated GIFs

    1. If you are forwarding all messages to your email or mobile, now you can filter out messages based on keywords, or phrases.  Go to Message Forwarding >> Set Filters.

    2. MMS now supports Animated GIFs.

    3. New app: Custom Fields Capture.  Now you can capture any data by using our custom fields capture app.

  • Contacts API, Zapier, MailChimp

    3 new updates have been successfully launched:

    1. Zapier - easily integrate with Zapier and boost your auto-pilot campaigns.

    2. MailChimp - sync your contacts automatically.

    3. Contacts API - ability to import, export, edit, delete contacts.  Integrate with any CRM

  • Random Questions & Drip Campaigns Apps Launched

    We are pleased to announce that ProTexing has launched 2 apps for interactive SMS and MMS marketing campaigns:

    - Random Questions - participants text in a keyword, and a random question is sent back.

    - Drip Campaigns - send a sequence of text messages - great tool for sales and follow up campaigns.

  • New app launched: MMS & SMS To Screen

    Great app to engage the audience if you are running live events (sports, concerts, conferences, etc.).  Our new app works with MMS (photos, videos), custom design, API feeder, etc. so you can plug in to any system.

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