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  • NEW APP: API Lookup numbers, Updated Sweeps, Improved MMS gallery & Short URL

    1. Easy keyword ordering - buy additional keywords with 2 easy steps. Based on our clients’ feedback, we have added a quick way to add keywords.
    2. Improved MMS gallery navigation and Short URL selection – both of those features are widely used in many campaigns, and now it is much easier to manage MMS & Short URLs.
    3. Sweeps - updated with an optional opt-in SMS, if entries are collected via the alternative entry form.
    4. NEW APP: API Lookup numbers – easily lookup any number in over 200 countries, and receive a report if it's a mobile number, valid or invalid, and who is the carrier. Easy integration & real time lookups. View the API Lookup numbers docs here >>
  • Emojis, Long SMS via API, updated "Validators"

    1. EMOJIS are live! Inbound and outbound messaging with Emojis. Get emoji keyword via the “Reserve Emoji Keyword” app and create even more engaging campaigns.
    2. Updated campaigns “Validators” – send validation SMS if the required field's data is present and does not pass validation.
    3. Send INTERNATIONAL & special characters in all outbound SMS. Keep in mind that if you use special characters in your outbound campaigns, the length of SMS might be decreased.
    4. Updated API Messaging to send LONG multipart SMS, up to 480 characters (3 SMS). View the updated API docs here >>
  • MMS in Drip Campaigns, Improved Forwarded Messages, Update on API Contacts

    1. Long SMS supported for message forwarding – when you receive long SMS from your participants, ProTexting will forward the message as one long SMS, and message will not be cut off. In addition, all forwarded messages will have the sender’s phone number at the end so you can easily contact them.

    2. Sent History Reporting – improved graph & added reasons for rejected or failed messages – this way you can better manage the contacts. In addition, from this report, you will be able to delete contacts or add them to separate groups – useful if you need to purge invalid contacts based on the reports.

    3. [Updated] API Contacts - OptOut Method: undo the optout, which will allow you to optin the contact/s if they have opted out by accident, or requested to optin via your CRM, website, etc.

    4. MMS added in Drip Campaigns – in case you are running Drip Campaigns, you can easily add MMS to your campaign and create even more engaging messages.

  • IMPROVED: Web sign up forms, Message forwarding, Quick load of credits, Custom Short URLs

    1. Web Sign Up Forms – customize landing and thank you pages, with your own language and branding.
    2. Forwarding messages to mobile – added mobile number of sender, at end of message. This will allow you to quickly initiate a 2-way messaging conversation.
    3. Quick load of credits when preparing campaign – if you schedule large campaign and don’t have enough credits, you will be able to quickly renew and load credits into your account via a quick prompt.
    4. Short URL management – in case you need to disable any of the short URL you are using, you can noew deactivate them and stop forwarding traffic to the endpoint web page or app link.
    5. Custom Short URL – it’s time to reserve a short URL with your brand so recipients can easily recognize your company and increase click-through rate.
  • Distribution lists, Smart contacts import, Keyword Message Forwarding to a mobile number...

    1. Distribution lists - this new feature will allow you to easily create a sending list with several or all of your groups.

    2. Smart contacts import from a file, with field matching – easy way to import any data file, with contacts’ info, and properly insert it into the correct fields.

    3. Keyword Message Forwarding to a mobile number - now you can forward all of your KEYWORD incoming messaging to mobile phone/s.

    4. New API Contacts Management method – OptOut – if you manage your contacts via ProTexting’s API, now you can optout contacts easily via API calls. View the docs here >>

  • Smart Q&A app - MMS added, Contacts Segmentation, Text 2 Win (Sweepstakes) "Rules", and more...

    1. "Smart Q&A" app - MMS added, now you can receive photos or videos from participants

    2. Contacts Segmentation - filtering your contacts is easy now.  You can filter by any data point and group them easily.

    3. "Text 4 Feedback" - added PIN option for quick access and campaign management

    4. "Text 2 Win" (Sweepstakes) "Rules" page - added optional "Rules" landing page, which can be set up in couple of minutes.

  • Updated "Smart Q&A" App, Zapier, MMS Videos and Quick Contact Search - Single SMS

    1. Single SMS - Easy Contact search: quickly search by number, first and last names when sending single text message.
    2. "Smart Q&A" App - send messages in sequence. Also, you can now edit, stop and start any of the SMS in the campaign.
    3. Zapier - updated trigger "New Inbound SMS" with 2 new fields: country code and local number.  The updated is great if you need to track messaging by country, or just need to separate the local number and further process it.
    4. MMS update with new video processing - improved quality and faster processing times for most video formats.
  • New Contacts Dashboard, International Carrier Lookup, Short URL Tracking, SMS & MMS to screen

    1. New Contacts Dashboard - showing the source of all contacts - Text in, Sign Up Forms, Import, External Import via 3rd party services.

    2. Need International Reach - our Carrier Lookup has been updated with global carrier information, which will provide info on the local carriers.

    3. Short URL Tracking - updated handset information and device location.

    4. SMS & MMS to screen - improved messaging queue and management.

  • Updated Virtual Business Cards, API Messaging, Short URL Tracking

    1. Updated Virtual Business Cards - new 2-step process for better managment of all virtual business cards: auto replies & .vcf downloadable files.

    2. API Messaging - allowing 3 methods to incoming SMS and delivery reports: get, post, post-json.

    3. Short URL Tracking - improved click tracking and supporting large data exports.

    4. Improved QR Codes to better support any Text 2 Join messaging campaign.

    5. Enhanced sent history & delivery reports sections.

  • Inbox Trash, Text 2 Join Sharable Social Image, Updated Mobile Chatbox

    1. Inbox Trash - all deleted messages are move to the new Inbox Trash folder, where they are kept for 30 days.  In case you need to quickly recover deleted messages, you can go to "Inbox Trash" folder and recover the messages you need.

    2. Text 2 Join Sharable Social Image - an instant image will be created for all of your keywords so you can easily share on social media.

    3. Updated Mobile Chatbox - many of our clients have been using our Mobile Chatbox for different event types, and we have added an easy way to see total number of messages in each folder.

  • Improved Import Contacts Module, New App: Carrier Lookup, Text 4 Feedback mobile control

    1. Import Contacts - an improved feature that allows you to import and add contacts into groups, all done in the background while you can manage other sections of your account.

    2. New App: Carrier Lookup - it will check if a mobile number is valid, and lookup the carrier.  You can lookup a single number or upload a file.

    3. Text 4 Feedback mobile control - a quick access to the dashboard for our app "Text 4 Feedback", easily manage any campaign on the go.  Super useful for events, conferenced, etc.

  • New ProTexting 3.0 system & dashboard, notification module, New App "Random Questions", and more..

    1. New ProTexting 3.0 system & dashboard - Improved Responsive Design, Upgraded Dashboard, Fast Shortcuts to Live Campaigns and Improved Overall Navigation.  Play Video here

    2. Notification Module - receive instant updates via SMS, web or email for important account activities, such as approved MMS, campaigns sent, billing, etc.

    3. New App "Random Questions" - need to run another interactive messaging campaign?  Try the new app "Random Questions" which will send different question (auto-reply) every time a subscriber text in a keyword.

    4. Bulk opt-out - in case you need to unsubscribe multiple contacts, you can do that in bulk. Go to "Contacts" and on the bottom click on "Opt-Out Multiple Contacts"

    5. Running a sweeps (text 2 win) campaign? We have added a "Date of Birth Validation" gate available in all alternative entry forms.

    6. API Contacts Management - a new parameter <message> added, which will trigger a message (welcome SMS auto reply) to be sent to the newly added contact in your account. In addition, you can populate any custom field now.

  • New APP - Mobile Chatbox, New API for Inbox & Schedule Group SMS, Improved Text 2 Screen, Improved Web sign up forms & more...

    1. New APP - Mobile Chatbox - easily access your inbox on the go, and connect any or all of your keywords. Reply to your messages quickly, filter messages, access via mobile or desktop, share the inbox link with your team. Perfect tool for online events that require easy and quick messaging.

    2. New API for Inbox & Schedule Group SMS - if you need to integrate ProTexting with your system, now you can access your ProTexting inbox and schedule group campaigns (SMS & MMS).

    3. Improved Text 2 Screen - ability to choose SMS or MMS view.

    4. Web sign up forms - custom Auto Reply messages for opt-in confirmation code.

    5. Bulk Keywords Reservation - reserve more than 1 keyword at a time.

    6. Support for Emojis via our Long Codes - ask us about our support for emojis, via local long codes.

  • Export data history, messaging archive and new RESTful API

    1. Export data history - now you can export your INBOX data, using the filters, and keep the exported files in your account for 30 days. Go to "Settings" >> "Exported Files".

    2. New RESTful API - Keyword Management.  If you'd like to manage your keywords, using our API, you can integrate easily. Please visit our API docs.

    3. Archive INBOX messages.  Great feature to save some of your messages in the archive section of the messaging inbox.

    4. Multiple keywords reservation.  If you need to reserve keywords in bulk, you can do that by going to "Reserve Keyword" >> "Multiple Keywords Reservation" and copy and paste the list of keywords.

  • Long SMS concatenation, Personalized Messages, Zapier MMS

    1. Need to receive LONG SMS? ProTexting automatically concatenate all incoming messages, so if your participants just type in long text messages, and it is cut off in several messages, ProTexting's algorithm will consolidate all of those SMS into one long text message.

    2. Personalized Messages - insert data tags into your Group SMS or Auto replies and they will be replaced automatically with your contacts' data.  Messages will be personal and more powerful.

    3. If you are using Zapier, now you can send and receive MMS (photos, videos, long SMS).  Long SMS are automatically converted to MMS.

  • Message Forwarding Filters, Animated GIFs

    1. If you are forwarding all messages to your email or mobile, now you can filter out messages based on keywords, or phrases.  Go to Message Forwarding >> Set Filters.

    2. MMS now supports Animated GIFs.

    3. New app: Custom Fields Capture.  Now you can capture any data by using our custom fields capture app.

  • Contacts API, Zapier, MailChimp

    3 new updates have been successfully launched:

    1. Zapier - easily integrate with Zapier and boost your auto-pilot campaigns.

    2. MailChimp - sync your contacts automatically.

    3. Contacts API - ability to import, export, edit, delete contacts.  Integrate with any CRM

  • Random Questions & Drip Campaigns Apps Launched

    We are pleased to announce that ProTexing has launched 2 apps for interactive SMS and MMS marketing campaigns:

    - Random Questions - participants text in a keyword, and a random question is sent back.

    - Drip Campaigns - send a sequence of text messages - great tool for sales and follow up campaigns.

  • New app launched: MMS & SMS To Screen

    Great app to engage the audience if you are running live events (sports, concerts, conferences, etc.).  Our new app works with MMS (photos, videos), custom design, API feeder, etc. so you can plug in to any system.

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