SMS Validators

SMS Validators

When you create text message sweepstakes or any type of mobile campaign, it's important to collect as much information on participants as possible. Text Message Validators are convenient tools that make it easy for you to do this.

  • You can include validators with any SMS campaign. They’re extremely useful for running SMS text 2 win sweepstakes as well as voting, polls, drip messaging campaigns, surveys and any type of campaign where you need to collect information or preferences from contacts.
  • Create fields such as date of birth, zip codes, email, names, states, or asking for any information you choose.
  • Participants must complete these fields in order to participate in the text SMS or MMS campaign.
  • When data is submitted, it automatically updates your contacts’ info in the account. This is a powerful way to build your data and ensure that you have the latest and most accurate information.
  • Option to PASS Validation by having a custom list of words. “Match values from list” will create a customizable validation SMS flow by allowing only certain word/s to pass the SMS validation. Example: can create a simple text back SMS response requiring only “YES” as a text-in word.
Validators are inserted into the flow of a campaign

Why Use Validators?

When you run any kind of text messaging marketing campaign, you have one or more goals. You may want to build your list of contacts, call attention to your brand, bring people to your business, or publicize an event. However, SMS campaigns are also a great opportunity to collect information about customers. Here are some of the benefits of using validators:

  • Qualify participants in a mobile messaging campaign. For example, if it's only open to people in your zip code, you can automatically disqualify those who live elsewhere. Asking for date of birth is useful for promotions that are restricted based on age (such as only for adults or children).
  • Keeps prevent fraud and abuse of the running texting campaign, such as people entering a contest multiple times.
  • Segment your list of contacts by gender, age, geography, or interests. This helps you run more targeted campaigns in the future. All is done easily via the contacts management module in the ProTexting platform.
  • Get additional ways to contact people. If you ask for their email, you can build an email list along with your SMS list.

What to Consider When Using Text Message Validators

Validators are convenient tools to make your campaigns smoother and help you collect useful information. However, you should give some thought as to which validators to use as there can be drawbacks to overusing them.

  • Identify what kind of information you need for your campaign. This includes factors that might exclude certain people from participating.
  • Strike a balance between getting as much information as possible and making your promotion simple and user-friendly. The more fields people have to fill out, the more likely it is that they'll abandon the form. So restrict validators to the information you actually need.
  • You can choose which validators to use for each campaign so you can include only the ones that serve your purpose. You can always use different fields for your next campaign.
  • Option to set START and END time/date of the campaign, and send proper auto-reply messages. This option is useful to create a great user experience, if participants attempt to enter the messaging campaign early or after the end time and date.
SMS Validators for Sweepstakes