Looking on how to setup TFN (Toll-Free) or 10DLC?

Looking on how to setup TFN (Toll-Free) or 10DLC?

Our "Long Codes Reservation" app is for anyone that wants to setup long numbers (the length of typical mobile or landline numbers) for international customers. The ability to reserve long numbers in over 35 countries is a big advantage for any business that wants to build its presence globally. When you can send SMS messages to clients and prospects in other countries you have a powerful way to connect other than email or phone calls.

When you reserve a long number, you'll be able to set it up immediately and have instant access. One of the advantages of using long numbers is that it makes you appear local so you can send messages from the same area code as your customers. People are often more apt to read a message (as they are to answer a call) coming from a local as opposed to a distant/unknown area code.

With local long numbers, you have the ability to launch any type of campaigns that require TEXT in a KEYWORD to trigger the campaign. Here are just a few possibilities for such campaigns that can work for many types of businesses.

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API Messaging for Local Long Numbers
  • Make it easy for a prospective customer to request more information. They can do this via SMS rather than making a phone call.
  • Set up contests and sweepstakes that customers can enter by texting keywords.
  • Confirmations and reminders. This can help cut down on forgotten appointments and no-shows for businesses such as spas, salons, and medical practices.
  • Send out polls and surveys to get valuable customer feedback on your products and services.

The "Long Codes Reservation" app works well with "API - Messaging via Long Code", another useful app that allows for simple messaging via RESTful API. Many customers appreciate the ability to engage in two-way messaging with companies.

Both of these apps help you establish yourself globally and help you connect with customers in multiple countries. These apps provide you with an efficient and affordable way to engage with customers.

  1. Search for Local Numbers in over 35 countries.
  2. Instant Reservation with an option to choose from different area codes, suitable and perfect for your local business and brand.
  3. Setup 2-way messaging in minutes, right after you reserve the local number. Having access to all messaging tools, you can instantly start an engaging mobile campaign.
  4. Get access to amazing customer support that handles all matters quickly and efficiently. You will be talking to real client specialists, not bots.
  5. We are working on a daily basis with the aggregators and carriers to setup 10-Digit Long Codes (10DLC) as quickly as possible. Our team will manage all steps necessary to get approval of 10DLCs and launch your SMS messaging campaign as soon as possible.