Text to Win SMS Sweepstakes

Text to Win SMS Sweepstakes

Text to win is one of the most engaging and popular SMS marketing campaigns. These type of campaigns boost your brand recognition, engage the audience in an interesting way, and give incentives to build up your customer database.

Are you ready to run a Text-to-win SMS Campaign?

Our text to win sweepstakes platform is a great way to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested. ProTexting provides the ability to engage your customers through our interactive platform. Also, our kind and experienced team will help you through the whole process of setting up the campaign, and most importantly, being compliant with all MMA and CTIA rules and regulations. All of our campaigns can be set with custom messages, followed by drip campaigns, Short URL tracking for more analytics, data capture, etc. After you run your first SMS sweepstakes, the possibility to engage your audience afterward are endless. Call us to find out more about how we can set up your campaign. We have done numerous text to win campaigns for our clients.

SMS Sweepstake Supported Features:

Benefits of SMS Text-to-Win (Sweepstakes):

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Aside from text-to-win campaigns, ProTexting also offers interactive SMS marketing tools to help you execute a flawless marketing campaign and reach your target audience. Contact us today to help your marketing campaigns. Don’t forget that most of our cool and interactive features can be bundled with the text-to-win campaign to further enhance your marketing campaign.