Additional Users

Additional Users

You can now easily add more users to your account. The Additional Users app is useful for any business that wants to give more employees or team members the ability to manage SMS accounts.

How Businesses Can Use the Additional Users App

With the Additional Users feature, you can easily set permissions and allow team members to access accounts and make adjustments as needed. There are several advantages to this. It allows you to work smoothly with remote employees. You can add members from any location who can access accounts. Even for physical businesses where everyone works in one space, it's convenient to be able to give multiple employees access to SMS accounts.

How Additional Users Works

It's simple to use this feature and add additional users.

Additional Users is a free app for all ProTexting clients

Additional users will be useful for any business with multiple employees who need to access SMS accounts. It's especially helpful for businesses that have multiple locations or that have employees who work remotely. As new users can work with all features of the master account, they can boost mobile campaigns in many ways, including:

These are just a few of the apps and features that all users can manage. Additional Users is a free app for all ProTexting clients.