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Virtual Business Cards

Now You Can Throw Those Cardboard Business Cards Away!

Virtual Business Cards

With a virtual business card delivered by text message, you will never run out of business card again. From now on, when someone asks you for a business card, you just tell them to text your name to one of our short codes (example: 82257), and your vCard will be immediately send to their phone. The recipient can then easily save it as a standard electronic business card in .vcf format. The file is compatible with Outlook, Apple Mail, iOS, Android and any other platform that supports electronic business cards. In addition to the .vcf file, the recipient will receive additional info in the SMS, such as:

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Website
  5. Social profiles

By setting up your business card, or your team’s business cards, in your ProTexting account, you will be able to easily manage, make changes quickly, and stop wasting money on printed cards. This great service has been utilized by many companies, and it is one of our top products!

In addition to providing your contact information to your customers and prospects in a totally new and innovative way, you can also set this up so that you can capture their mobile phone number at the same time. Now you can send a new card to everyone in your database whenever you change a piece of information. Plus, you now have the ability to send messages to them anytime you choose to do so. Do you see the possibilities there?

Ready to enhance your marketing strategy?

It should be clear by now that you can easily and quickly distribute your business credentials via text messaging, which also brings along a few more benefits:

  • Organize all of your professional contacts in one place
  • No more paper equates to being more eco-friendly
  • Build links to other professionals
  • Eliminates the old "get lost or thrown away" cardboard cards
  • Keep track on who requested and viewed your business info
  • Instant update on all of your contacts when you change your info
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