Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

How text messaging can benefit your organization via group texting?

SMS marketing tools are becoming super effective for any organization. Using our platform you can send a single text message to hundreds or thousands of mobile phone numbers all at once. Many businesses have been using our service to keep in touch with customers, employees, associates at all times via immediate communications.

SMS are instant and open rates are over 98%, which is super powerful communication and your audience will not miss the message!

How does all this happen?

It's all a fairly simple and uncomplicated process. First, you build a group of contacts that you want to send your message to. That's done in three ways:

  1. If you have an existing list of contacts, you can upload them to your online database that we provide.
  2. You can add a web widget to your website that allows people to enter their information and join your group.
  3. And finally, you ask people to join your group by texting a word you choose, called a keyword, to a number like 41242, called a short code. This is the most popular and effective way to grow your lists.

If you already have clients’ data or need to start building your lists, ProTexting will accommodate all of your needs in managing your contacts and messages. We follow all rules and compliances of CTIA and Mobile Marketing Association to ensure proper delivery of your message, and lower optout rates. All contacts need to be optin, via keyword and text to join, or other ways that are compliant for mobile marketing (talk to our representative for more info to see if your current database meets all requirements for a mass text messaging). Our team will make sure your text messaging campaigns are executed properly.

Now you're ready to send your message. You compose the message within your account, and we send it to all of the major U.S. wireless carriers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, and they transmit it to everyone in your group, who receives it in minutes.

When the individuals in your group, whether it's 100 people or 10,000 people, open their message and read it, they have the option to reply. If they reply, that message will be delivered to your account inbox, and you have just completed a 2-way group text messaging operation.

Although we've been primarily discussing advertising/marketing applications here, there are other applications as well. Large churches use this service to send announcements and daily prayers to their congregations or youth groups. Colleges and public schools are using this technology to send emergency alerts and other announcements to the whole student body at once. News organizations, sports teams, weather services, political groups, charities, and many other types of organizations are finding that group texting can be of great benefit to them in a variety of ways.


Why ProTexting?

Text messaging has become a major part of any marketing plans. It is personal, messages are read within minutes, and audience actions can happen within hours. Choosing the right platform is essential to be able to deliver the messages at the right time. ProTexting offers a great way to manage all of our text messaging campaigns (both SMS and MMS) via the following features:

  1. Send your message immediately or schedule it for future time & date.
  2. Sending the same message periodically? Great – now you can take advantage of our recurring scheduling. Set the message and end date, and just leave it on auto pilot, while you focus on other parts of your business.
  3. Track the performance in REAL TIME. We do provide real time delivery status so that you can evaluate who and when received your message.
  4. Send plain text message, videos, photos or audio recordings – we support all formats.
  5. Use our short URL to track ALL clicks – by time, date, city, state, etc. Short URL app is included free in all accounts.
  6. Add your social media channels, and post your message there as well – at the time of the campaign for maximum results.
  7. Receive replies in your ProTexting inbox and you can forward them to your email/s or mobile number/s
  8. In case someone wants to be removed (nobody wants that, but it happens sometimes), we automatically handle the request, and ensure that you will not be sending any more message to the recipient.
  9. Our platform can handle a huge throughput - hundreds of text messages per second, to guarantee that your campaign is delivered on time.

When you set up your ProTexting account, you will also have access to our marketplace, where you can engage the audience with interactive SMS campaigns.

More benefits by using group texting:

  • Your offer goes to a large group of people instantly
  • Your message can include a combination of text, audio, and video
  • You see immediate results when people respond by replying
  • You can measure your ROI by keeping track of the number of people who redeem your coupon/offer at the POS
  • Sales can happen within minutes or hours vs days, weeks, or even months

Get instant access to a short code and high throuput messaging, all compliant with the CTIA & MMA Best Practices!