API - Coupon Codes Management

API - Coupon Codes Management

With the Coupon Codes Management API, you can easily manage all of your coupon codes programmatically, and run successful text message marketing campaigns. All the main operations are available; list all, view single coupon code, add, remove, edit, list coupon codes by number (sent SMS with promo codes). Additionally, you can manage all your Custom Coupon Code Tags with ProTexting’s RESTful API.

Get More from SMS Coupons and Promo Codes

Coupon codes are a powerful tool for connecting with customers and generating more sales via SMS campaigns. A coupon code sent via text message provides instant value to your contacts. When you use coupons regularly, it’s helpful to have an efficient way to manage them. With the Coupon Codes Management API, it’s simple to create, edit, and send coupons.

Text Message Coupon Codes Boost Customer Engagement

Coupon and promo codes can be used by many types of businesses. They’re especially valuable to online stores and e-commerce sites using platforms such as Shopify and Amazon Seller Centra. Your customers are always glad to save money on the products they're already shopping for. Promo codes can also be used by restaurants, retail stores, spas and salons, fitness centers, and many other businesses to motivate customers to take action to grab special deals. When you offer coupons, however, it’s important to be able to manage them: create and delete them, make edits, keep track of multiple offers, etc. That’s where the Coupon Codes Management API comes in.

How Coupon Codes Management Works

You can add and manage coupon codes from your dashboard with our new API. Coupon codes can be automatically inserted in each auto-reply text message via the tag [COUPON] or create your own unlimited custom coupon tags to segment the different promotions that you are running. This makes it simple to set up coupon codes for your customers and create them for as many products as you want.

API - Coupon Codes Management

Benefits of Managing Coupon Codes

With the ProTexting Coupon Codes Management API, you can begin or boost your strategy with coupons and promo codes.

If you use coupon codes or plan to use them, it’s important to be able to manage them and keep track of your efforts. The Coupon Codes Management API helps you make the best use of your coupon codes so they’re an even more effective tool for growing sales and your business.