Scheduled Auto-Replies

Scheduled Auto-Replies

A powerful new feature now lets you set up a particular auto-reply messages to be sent within set intervals of time regardless if a new or existing subscriber texts in your keyword.

Features of Scheduled Auto-Replies

Now you can schedule auto-reply messages to be delivered at specific times in the future.

scheduled sms auto replies

Ways to Use Scheduled Auto-Replies

There are quite a few ways that Auto-Replies can help make your SMS campaigns more time-appropriate and efficient.

The above are just some examples of how businesses can benefit by setting up scheduled Auto-Replies. Anyone who schedules different events, sales, or product releases can make their lives easier by scheduling replies in advance. Of course, if your schedule changes for any reason you can always edit the times and dates.

Our scheduled auto-reply app is one of many ways for you to automate your marketing and send out targeted messages to your customers. Use it whenever you want to schedule messages to go out at a specific time.

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