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Sign Up Form for Group Texting

Sign Up Form for Group Texting

SMS mobile marketing for agencies usually involves sending simple text messages using mass text messaging software or group texting platforms to reach clients from a collected list. However, mobile marketing isn't a one-way street; sending out mass text messages to the right people is just part of it. You also need a way to know who you're talking to, and ensure that you're directing your efforts to the right people.

Mobile marketing is made easier and faster when agencies utilize mass text messaging software and other mobile marketing platforms to make sure they send their messages to their target audience. However, it's also important to have the right tools for gathering client information so mobile marketers can determine who their clients are. A web sign up form is one of the tools that agencies can use to accomplish this easily. It can be used to create a better and more efficient way to track and utilize group texting platforms.


Autoresponders are simple text message interactions between you and your clients. People are invited to send your mobile keyword to a short code (a number such as 82257) if they would like to receive an immediate reply, a benefit of some kind, like a coupon or a discount, and also if they choose to receive similar messages in the future.

You can also view our SMS Autoresponders campaigns for additional ways to build your SMS leads and engage your audience with our mobile marketing products.

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