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App - Web Sign-Up Form

Web Sign-Up Forms can be used to start building your mobile database through a Sign-Up Form on the website.

  1. Go to Apps > Grow Subscribers & Data.
  2. In My Apps, click on “Web Sign Up Tools”. Messaging Web Sign Up Forms
  3. To begin, click Create New.
  4. Type in your Form Name, it is not visible to the clients but it makes it easy to recognize so you can better manage your list of sign-up forms, for example, ProTexting. Messaging Web Sign Up Forms
  5. Now choose the custom logo of your firm onto your sign-up form.
  6. Next choose the fields you would like to include, (either click individually or choose Check All.)
  7. Now choose the groups you would like the clients to be able to choose from at sign-up, (either click individually or choose Check All.)

    Messaging Web Sign Up Forms
  8. When finished, click on Submit and it will save.
  9. Now that you have created a sign-up form and it is ready to be shared. You can preview the form below, and you receive an HTML and Embed code to share with your clients.

    Messaging Web Sign Up Forms
  10. Thank you for joining ProTexting Training Center, this is how to use the app Web Sign-Up Form.

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