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App - Email Capture

With Email Capture, your participants will text your keyword followed by their email address separated by a space.

  1. Go to Apps > Grow Subscribers & Data.
  2. In My Apps, click on “Email Capture”.
  3. In order for E-mail Capture to work, you must turn it ON.
  4. See the example.
  5. You can ask your customers in an auto-reply message or group text message campaign, to text back their email address.

  6. Important: Email will be captured ANYWHERE in the message, so no need to follow certain order of the words in the SMS. All you need to do is to have the "Email Capture" app turned ON. The ProTexting platform will scan all incoming messages and automatically update the email address for the number/contact that texted-in.  If customers initiate the conversation, by texting a keyword, the keyword MUST be the first word in the message (then followed by names and email) so it created the flow of the conversation and contact is added in your account.

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