Social Media Integration and Sharing

Social Media Integration with Text Messaging

Go Mobile, Go Social with Mobile and Social Media Integration: Social Media has become a powerful tool to stay in touch and engage with your friends, clients and colleagues. Our online and offline presence have become a vital part not only of our social life but also our professional aspect.

Social Media Integration Flow

So if you already have a SMS Marketing strategy in place wouldn't it be efficient to integrate with your Social Media strategy?

Is it possible to easily send your text messages to your participants' phones and also update and post the message on your Facebook and Twitter accounts? The answer and solution to your questions is – YES – You can now integrate Mobile and Social through your ProTexting Account. You can Go Mobile, Go Social!

This is one easy step that allows you to:

  • Send a text message (ex. SMS Coupon, Text Message Announcement, SMS Appointment Reminders etc).
  • Post the same text message on your Business Facebook page and make it visible to all your fans and followers.
  • Post the same message on your Twitter account and allow your followers to re-tweet the message.
  • Watch the viral effect take over from all aspects of technology – mobile and social.

Also, don't forget - another effective way to expand your Mobile list is by activating the Web Sign Up Form and posting your form on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media account you have. To activate your Web Sign Up form simply go to the Text Message App Market Place in your ProTexting account.

So what are you waiting for! The time to Go Mobile Go Social is now – Happy Typing!