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How to setup SMS Drip Campaign?

  1. Go to Apps > All Apps.
  2. Click "Drip Campaigns".
sms drip campaign text-messaging
  1. Click "New Campaign".
sms drip campaign text-messaging
  1. Enter all the necessary fields and click "Create".
sms drip campaign text-messaging
  1. Proceed with adding more messages and setting up a specific time when to send out the next text message.
sms drip campaign text-messaging
sms drip campaign text-messaging

Questions that may come up when you setup the Text Message Drip Campaign:


  1. How much does every Drip SMS cost?

Answer: The cost of each drip depends on the number/length of messages as well as the number of recipients. You can set up as many Drip campaigns as you can provide that you have a sufficient number of credits to run the campaign.  1 SMS sent to 1 recepients, cost 1 SMS credit (if it is a normal text message under 160 chars).  If LONG SMS, then it will cost up to 4 credits per message per recepient.


  1. We need to set up 12 months of drip messages. One each day, is it possible with ProTexting?

Answer: Yes. You can set messages to go out at daily intervals. 


  1. The plan was to only send affirmations Monday-Friday. Are there settings in the Drip Campaign that allow us to exclude messages from being sent on Sat & Sun?

Answer: With the drip campaign, messages are sent in progression by specified time intervals regardless if that time interval falls on a weekend. 


  1. Can we set it up to only use the web sign up form?

Answer: Yes. Aside from texting the keyword, people can also opt-in through a web signup form.


  1. Can we change the auto-reply messages in the SMS Drip Campaign?

YES, but follow the steps below:

- Once a contact enters the DRIP Campaign (via text-in, import or sign up form), all future text messages are scheduled at that time.

- If you change the Auto-Reply messages, only the new subscribers will start receiving the new updated auto-reply messages.  Subscribers that are already in the campaign will receive the old auto-reply messages.


  1. How to change the auto-reply messages for old subscribers?

One solution is download the subscribers, delete the campaign or messages, create the new messages and then import the contacts into the drip. 

sms drip campaign text messaging

NOTE: if you import the contacts, they will receive the 1st Welcome Auto-Reply messages.


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