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How to Reserve SMS Keyword?

Login to your ProTexting account and go to "Account Dashboard"

Click on "KEYWORDS" and then click on "Reserve Keyword".

Select a short code or long code number to reserve the keyword. The keyword will be associated with the selected short or long code. In case you need the same keyword on different short or long codes, you need to reserve this keyword on each code separately.

Once the keyword is successfully reserved, you can reserve another one.

The text message keyword is ready now and you can setup the default auto-reply message (autoresponder), either SMS or MMS message.  To make the auto-reply perform better, there are options to include such as emojis, SMS short URLs and data tags.

In addition, you can quickly create a new text messaging campaign, such as Text Message Voting, Text2Join, Drip Campaigns, SMS Loyalty, Text Message Sweeps Campaign, etc

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