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How to Generate Custom Coupon Barcodes and QR Codes?

You can expedite coupon redemption processes by scanning barcodes or QR codes instead of manually entering text coupon codes making it ideal for businesses with scanners at the payment counters or self-check-in kiosks.


Here's how you can set it in your ProTexting account:


Step 1: Create Coupon Code Custom Tag.

  • Go to Settings >> Coupon Codes >> Coupon Code Custom Tags >> Create New
  • Enter Coupon Tag name
  • Select "1D (barcode)" or "2D (QR code)"
  • Click "Save"


 Step 2: Upload Coupon Codes.

  • Go to Settings >> Coupon Codes >> Upload
  • Select a Coupon Code Custom Tag
  • Enter "Coupon Codes"
  • Click "Save"


Once you have successfully generated coupon barcodes or QR codes, you can proceed in sending them to your valued customers via SMS.

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