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What are the steps to follow when sending Group/Bulk Text Messages?

To send a Group/Bulk Text Message, make sure that all of your contacts are opted in to receive your campaigns.

1) Go to "Messages", by default you will be at "Send Group Text". The "Messages" field is where you type in your message. We suggest you keep the content of your message under 145 characters since some cell phones do not have the same content viewing capabilities for longer messages. 

2) Next, you have the ability to send a group message immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later date and time. Note, certain words or phrases are not allowed and you will be prompted to correct them before sending out your campaign.

3) Lastly select the desired group(s), whom you wish to send the Bulk campaign to. If you wish to send the campaign to all of your contacts, simply click 'Check All'.


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