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How to setup Intercom integration for SMS Messaging?

Follow the quick steps below to setup you Intercom SMS integration:


1. Login to your ProTexting account.

2. Activate the Intercom integration app or go to: https://www.protexting.com/features2/web/intercom/.

3. Activate your Intercom account by clicking on "Connect Intercom account".

4. Any incoming SMS will be pushed to your Intercom account and conversation created.

5. Syncing contacts: this feature will enable to add all your Intercom contacts in ProTexting and send them group SMS or MMS.

6. Click on "Import Contacts from Intercom" and the sync will start instantly.

7. Additionally, we recommend you activate (switch to ON) the feature "Import contacts automatically every 1 hour", which will ensure that all new contacts are added automatically

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