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MMS outgoing messaging: Supported USA Carriers

Supported Mobile Carriers and Limitations for Outbound MMS messaging.

- Photos and Videos are supported for ALL outgoing MMS messages.

- Mobile handset need to activated the feature to receive MMS.

- Looking for MMS API?  Click here for our API MMS Messaging platform >>


Mobile carrier (operator) Maximum MMS file size Supports delivery receipts?
United States
AT&T 1 MB Yes
MetroPCS(GSM) 1 MB Yes
Sprint 2 MB Yes
T-Mobile USA 1 MB Yes
US Cellular 1 MB Yes
Verizon Wireless 1.2 MB Yes


- All other carriers will still receive the messages, but our intelligent messaging platform will convert the MMS into a text message, with embedded short URL MMS link.

- All other covered countries for messaging have MMS support via text message with embedded short URL MMS link.

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