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Transition to 10DLC

Are there additional costs to get a 10DLC?

Answer: No. 10DLCs are currently FREE to all active clients transitioning from a shared shortcode to a 10DLC.


How soon can we get a 10DLC?

Answer: Approximately 4-8 business days from the date of request.


Will ProTexting still be offering shared shortcodes while we wait for the completion of the provisioning process?

Answer: Yes, until the carriers completely disallow the shared shortcodes use, you will have access to a shared short code while we in the process of procuring 10-digit long codes (10DLCs) or dedicated shortcodes for your account or for your clients.


Can I use a toll-free number for my campaigns?

Answer: ProTexting currently does not offer toll-free numbers (800, 888, 844). But, if you can provide a toll-free number, we can port the toll-free number into your ProTexting account.


We still have marketing materials and products stickered with the shared short code number. If we move to the 10DLC, does that mean we will need to replace everything with the 10DLC?

Answer:  Yes. Shared shortcodes will stop working once the phone carriers stop supporting shared shortcodes. Printed materials such as product inserts and stickers need to be updated as soon as you have procured a 10-digit long code for your account. The good news is that shared shortcodes are not going away immediately. ProTexting will be keeping the shared short code active as long as the phone carriers will allow us. Hopefully, this will give us enough time to use all printed materials with the shortcode.


Can ProTexting forward text messages sent by customers to the shared shortcode?

Answer: No. We can no longer use the shared shortcode to send and receive SMS/MMS messages as soon as it is no longer active.


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