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How to setup Amazon Seller Text Messaging Funnel for Reviews and Sales


- Print labels with your SMS keywords and add them to your products.  Add an incentive message to labels so that customers will be motivated to text in.

Step 2: Order ID Validation

- Connect your amazon seller account directly.  Instructions will be provided in your "ProTexting Amazon Dashboard".  By connecting your amazon accounts, we will check orders real time.

- Alternatively, you can use Zapier Amazon Order Verification zap, provided by ProTexting.  Setup is easy and quick.

Step 3: Valid Order ID

- Our algorithms will check if the order is valid or not, and will trigger text messaging funnel, based on your campaign settings.

- In additional, our proprietary machine learning MMS recognition system will validate orders even if they are received via MMS.

Step 4: Routing based on the response chosen + reviews left

- You will be able set up interactive text message funnels and flows, based on valid or invalid orders.

- In addition, you can send text message auto-replies based on reviews and stars left, detected automatically in all incoming MMS messages.

Step 5: Email and Shipping Information Collection

- Send automated auto-reply messages with option to add shipping forms. This will speed up your shipping processes, in case you want to ship samples or more products to your clients.


Amazon Seller Text Messaging

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