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Import Contacts for Text Messaging Campaigns

Import Contacts for Text Messaging Campaigns

The ability to easily import contacts for your text marketing campaigns and sync your data with third-party software is a standard feature included with all accounts. You can import your contacts via copy and paste or drop/select file. Keep in mind that you need permission from all your contacts to send them text messages.

The ability to import contacts from email marketing platforms, and other services you use can help you get more out of your SMS campaigns. The process is simple.

How to Import Contacts

Getting Permission from Contacts

You always need permission before you can send text messages. Research indicates that many customers welcome the chance to get offers, promo codes, invitations, and relevant news about products and services they're interested in. You can get permission in several ways. Ask contacts to text a keyword, have them fill out an online form, or sign a form in person if you’re interacting with customers face-to-face.

Advantages of Importing Contacts

Your existing contacts already know you and will be more responsive to your SMS campaigns. If you have contacts from an email list, for example, consider the advantages of being able to send them text messages as well. Open and read rates are significantly higher for text messages compared to email. 98% and above for SMS and about 25% for email. It can be very profitable to be able to contact your contacts via SMS or MMS. It’s always good to be able to engage with customers on multiple channels.

You also have the option of requesting more information from contacts (in addition to their mobile number). Depending on your needs, you could ask them for their location, interests, line of work, and other data that helps you target your campaigns more effectively.

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