SMS Messaging Campaigns on the ProTexting Platform SMS Messaging Campaigns on the ProTexting Platform SMS Messaging Campaigns on the ProTexting Platform SMS Messaging Campaigns on the ProTexting Platform SMS Messaging Campaigns on the ProTexting Platform

Lightning-Fast Sending with
up to 1000 Text Messages per Second!

Human-Driven Support, NO Chatbots!

Everything you need for SMS and MMS messaging.
Get an instant FREE text number and you can send your first messages in seconds!

SMS Messaging Campaigns on ProTexting Platform SMS Messaging Campaigns on ProTexting Platform SMS Messaging Campaigns on ProTexting Platform

Increase 10X Sales and Communication with your audience
by using powerful text messaging technology.

It cuts through any of the existing b.s. and goes straight to the mobile phones of your subscribers.

Open and Read Rate within 3 minutes
8.6 Mobile Subscribers
More Opens than email

Up to1000% ROI after SMS campaign

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Send Group SMS

Toll-Free Number – TFNs

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How Can You Use Texting for your Business or Organization?

With everyone on their phone, it’s guaranteed that your message will be seen.
Here are few ideas on how Text Messaging and 2-way Messages will increase engagement and sales.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Send Flash Sales and Promotions

Effectively increase sales by sending a Text or MMS to your clients.

Everyone loves a Deal

Clients respond better to Text and even better to a Deal. Text them to let them know

New and Existing Products Updates

Launching a new line or product? Send a text to everyone…

Reach your clients where they are

Everyone caries their phone at all time. Study suggests that 83% of millennials respond to a text in 90 seconds.

Marketing and Engagement

Text Message Drips

Keep your Brand in the minds of the clients with a custom automated sequence of messages.

Engage new clients

Build your list fast by leveraging your existing marketing materials and promote your trigger keywords for people to text.

Immediate Results

There is nothing faster than a text message. With 90 seconds response times, you will hear back from your clients immediately.

Get Valuable Feedback

Receive feedback and mobile polls answers from your clients via text. The preferred way for communication. See instant results building charts real time.

mms Marketing and Engagement
2-way Texting

Customer Support

Everyone loves texting

Easily the most preferred way for communicating by everyone. Direct and fast text messaging.

2-way Texting

Engage your clients one-on-one and ensure you answer their questions right away via 2-way texting.

Save time for your reps and clients

Let everyone exchange their questions and answers via text while saving time from phone calls and emails.

After Hours Texting

Automate your messaging and notify clients that you are out of the office during off-hours and holidays.

Teams and Recruiting

Increase Candidates

Speed up your application process and recruiting of better fit candidates.

Internal Notifications

Communicate with your teams faster. Setup meetings quickly and send meeting reminders.

Interview Reminders

Text interview reminders and calendar invites. Increase timeliness of interviews.

Text with open positions

Invite candidates back when a relevant position opens up. Speed up the process by sending them a link to an application to fill out.

Text with open positions - sms marketing

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Here is what ProTexting Clients Say

SMS marketing solution
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Multiple Ways to Engage your Audience

SMS and MMS messages marketers

The Power of SMS

SMS Text Marketing - By far the quickest, easiest and most effective way to reach your audience and engage them on personal level. Mass text messaging, also known as bulk SMS, is the preferred messaging communication channel by any business. With SMS and MMS messages marketers enjoy 98% read and open rates, 40% and higher response rates. No need for app development and download. Just sign for the text messaging cloud platform, with instant setup.
Try it → Text JOIN to 41242
message & data rates may apply

Increase Views with MMS

Increase Views with MMS

MMS is a great way to enhance your engagement campaigns. ProTexting offers an easy way for you to send and receive pictures, videos, and audio files. Learn how you can utilize MMS for your campaigns here »

Try it → Text MINI to 41242
message & data rates may apply

Mobile Marketing

Easy to use APIs

Great for building out custom user flows and integrating with existing systems. By connecting to our professional SMS APIs, you can now easily expand your marketing initiatives and add SMS Marketing to your available in-house tools.

Send your first text message in less than a minute

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Our Clients’ Stories:

SMS messaging case study

Camp Gladiator was able to send over 180,000 text messages in less than an hour. As a result, there was a 50% higher response rate than was expected.

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CraveOnline decided that the most ubiquitous and direct way to deliver the mobile coupons and the behind the scenes content would be the use of a mix of SMS and MMS messages in a short sequence drip campaign.

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SMS marketing tools

With texting, you get that instant engagement feedback allowing you to make adjustments along the way. It is just more dynamic than email. Through ProTexting, Craig's open rate significantly increase by at least 84% compared to his email efforts.

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text message promoting

When used correctly, text marketing has proven to be the most economic and effective way to increase relationship building, with the ultimate goal being to drive trafficand increase sales.

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SMS-based trivia, Text-to-Screen

Our experience, which has been subsequently backed by numerous recent studies, proves that the immediacy of the message to the prospective patron’s cell device plays a key role in the decision making process.

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Send Group SMS for special events

Utilizing the Multiple Questions Survey App designed by Protexting, a determination of the winning participant became very easy for each evening’s quiz.

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Who is this for?

See who can benefit from SMS and MMS Marketing

Send Group SMS


Increase turnout to sermons, events, and group meetings. Start building your text messaging list, by allowing people to Text-In your SMS keyword and instantly join your list. Send Group SMS for special events, prayers, and any occasion to keep in touch with your audience.

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mobile marketing


Constantly keep in touch with students. Send text messages for special announcements, reminders, emergency alerts etc. Run SMS voting, feedback, sweeps, and any other interactive mobile campaigns to connect with students where they are... on their mobile phones.

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SMS voting

Political Campaigns

In the context of the 2024 elections, text messaging will play an even more pivotal role. Campaigns will harness the power of this medium to rally supporters around crucial issues, conduct instant mobile polls to gauge public sentiment on pressing matters, and most importantly, ensure that voters turn out in large numbers on Election Day. Prepare for the elections with SMS campaign – Short Code, Toll-FREE TFN or 10DLC, get started today.

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Text messages

Restaurants and Bars

Keep your restaurant full and increase sales. Send lunch & dinner specials directly to your customers via SMS. Text messages are received and opened almost immediately. Create Loyalty programs and use ProTexting's digital punch card and check-in app.

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Great tools would be mobile voting, text-to-win, SMS-based trivia, Text-to-Screen

Live Events and Conferences

Leverage your events to increase brand awareness, increase sales or increase sponsor revenue. All achieved with the addition of Text Message interactions. Great tools would be mobile voting, text-to-win, SMS-based trivia, Text-to-Screen and many more solutions.

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SMS notifications - Abandoned Cart SMS Alert


Grow your shopping community by offering mobile coupons, flash sales, product info and other relevant alerts. With 95% open and read rate, group text message campaigns will help you bring shoppers through the doors and ultimately increase customer loyalty and sales.

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As Reviewed by VIVO Creative an Independent Reviewer

text marketing software

Call Us and see how we can help.

We DO Answer our Phones.

The BEST Live Person Customer Service in the industry. You will always speak to a human, not a robot.
We answer the phones, emails and follow up quickly.

Contact Us Call 1-800-258-9115

What type of text number will work for you?

Let’s Clear the Confusion and help you pick the right one.

Toll-Free Number –TFNs

Most popular! Great way to start texting immediately. Provided for FREE with every ProTexting account. Good for everyone who wants to set up text message campaigns right away. Get your FREE SMS TFN today »

Local High Volume Phone Numbers (10DLCs)

Great for more personal and localized text messages. Our clients can pick the local area code of the 10-digit long code. If you need higher throughput messaging gateway this is a great option for you.

Text-enable Your Own Land Line

Do you have a voice line? This option is great for text enabling your exiting business land line. Let clients call you or text you and receive all.

Short Code

By far the best and most effective text number. 5 to 6 digits short code. Great for high volume ultra-fast texting. Usually utilized by larger organizations and businesses. Requires bigger budget.

Massive Results with Powerful Features

We provide solutions to current industry-wide challenges

SMS trivia

Choose your Text Code and We help you get it and explain which one is best for you.

10-Digit Long Codes (10DLC)

QR Codes - to solve for the LC and TFNs being too long to type.

Long SMS

160 Characters not enough? – Introducing the Long SMS up to 480 characters. All sent as a one long message.

Amazon Text Message Funnel

Quickly Migrating and Importing contacts from other platforms.

Core messaging Core Contact Management Multi-users and Teams
Automations Integrations Analytics
Engage your Audience and Grow your List Personalize: Get to know your subscribers
Message your Audience from Any Device On-the-Go Developer APIs Compliance Built-in Automations

Massive Results with Automations

We make it Easy! Setup and let it run on its own.

Drip Campaigns Recurring Scheduling After Hours Texting
Signatures Triggers SMS Polling
Keyword Sequencing Message Forwarding Shopping Cart Abandonment
Amazon Funnels Auto-responders Web Forms with Automated Compliance Flow
Automated Text Q&A Calendar-based Text Auto-responders

Try how easy is to start with SMS and MMS Marketing

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Custom Integrations with Multiple Developers' RESTful APIs

Get creative and customize your flows, integrate within your technology and automate processes.

Try our SMS and MMS API and customize your
SMS program and Marketing and System Flows.

It’s FREE and Immediately Connected.

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Why should you choose ProTexting?

ProTexting helps you communicate and engage with your contacts more efficiently.
The cell phone has become a permanent companion in our daily lives.
This is why text messaging is the best way at the moment to reach groups of people with the same message instantly.
Text message is personal and is pretty much guaranteed that it will be read by the recipient.
You are in good hands with professionals that are in the text messaging industry since 2001!

Emphasis on great customer support

We are real people who like to talk to our clients. Call us, Email us, or Chat with us online. We make sure we answer your questions as soon as they arrive. Our team believes that our clients deserve the best service out there. We not only answer questions but give guidelines for better campaigns and share knowledge about the industry to make you achieve better results.

User-friendly interface

ProTexting is loaded with useful features but maintains the ease of use. We have built our system with the user in mind by collecting and implementing vital user’s feedback.

Guaranteed Security of your data

Our technical team goes through numerous procedures to keep your data safe. We utilize technology of physical and electronic data security to ensure every piece of information is safely stored. All of our servers are backed up nightly.


We do not sacrifice quality for low cost. However we do believe that bulk text messaging should be available to everyone who needs it. We are the most affordable group text messaging platform on the market.

We Listen to Feedback

Our team believes that listening to our clients is the only way to deliver real useful solution. Most of the features in ProTexting has been requested by clients through the years. We continue to listen and evaluate very carefully every suggestion that comes to us.

No Contracts

There are no long term commitments. Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel at any time.

Want to talk to an Expert?

Let one of our highly knowledgeable experts explain and show you how SMS will work for your business

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