Campus Hill Church Case Study

The Challenge

Campus Hill Church organized an outreach event called The Vespa for the students of Loma Linda University. Biblical presentations were made during seven evenings. At the end of each evening, a multiple-choice, five-question quiz on the prior evening’s presentation was supposed to determine from all participants, the winner of a Vespa scooter. The challenge was to determine the first person that answered all questions correctly for each evening. An average of two hundred students participated.

The Solution

Protexting carefully crafted an app capable of identifying each evening’s winner as follows: Participating students took one survey each day. Each survey was connected to a separate keyword. When a student texted in the keyword, the first question was sent to the phone. Once the student responded the second question followed and so on. Campus Hill Church had the ability to create the surveys/quizzes and identified the correct answer. The system captured the answers of each student and provided a report. The report captured the phone number, time stamp for each question, name and answers for each participant. Each survey had a separate report.

The Results

Utilizing the Multiple Questions Survey App designed by Protexting, a determination of the winning participant became very easy for each evening’s quiz. All participants had the ability to verify the results of their participation, including right or wrong answers, time when they started the quiz and most importantly, the time when they completed the quiz.

Overall Experience with ProTexting Platform and Services:

“Protexting provided prompt technical support at every step of our project. Starting with the preliminary stages of our collaboration, Protexting representative Sejva Hoxha mediated the discussions between Campus Hill Church and Protexting, while mitigating significant challenges brought up by particular needs. Communication with Sejva was exceedingly great, regardless of time zone differences, weekdays or weekends, daytime or nighttime. Sejva was available to respond and provide high-quality support at any given time, without exception. We are looking forward to more projects with Protexting and highly recommend Protexting to anyone looking for high-quality, professional business solutions.“

Cristian Iordan (Pastor – Associate)

About the Organization

Campus Hill Church is a Seventh-day Adventist community of believers on the campus of Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California. More info at

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