Crave Online: The Power of SMS in the Marketing Mix

The Business Challenge

CraveOnline Media was in need of a direct audience engagement campaign to promote a major movie studio film release on Blu-ray and DVD. The goal was to provide an inside access to never before seen behind the scenes footage, distribute a coupon code and increase the sales of the new movie on Amazon’s marketplace.

The Solution

CraveOnline created an integrated campaign combining several audience engagement channels. A TV commercial was produced and displayed over major TV networks promoting the new movie Blu-ray/DVD release and a coupon code to be used for the purchase of the movie. CraveOnline decided that the most ubiquitous and direct way to deliver the mobile coupons and the behind the scenes content would be the use of a mix of SMS and MMS messages in a short sequence drip campaign. ProTexting’s team helped with the creation and execution of the mobile messaging portion of the campaign. The mobile marketing company was responsible for the customization of the end user experience and building out the messaging flow and logic.

The Results

  1. A total of 10,000 participants who texted in and engaged with the TV commercial.
  2. A whopping 86% continued on saying that they would like to receive more messages around the campaign.
  3. The campaign was a big success turning out 30% more text entries than anticipated.

About the company

CraveOnline Media, LLC is the #1 male lifestyle destination reaching men ages 25-34 featuring music, culture, art, design, and style. As the largest male lifestyle publishing company, CraveOnline Media attracts over 50 million unique visitors per month. CraveOnline strives to get users the most up-to-date and coolest content on the web. For advertisers, CraveOnline produces custom, integrated media programs that leverage rich media, video, mobile and social in ways that allow the marketing message to be an uninterrupted part of the user experience. Recent brand advertisers include Coca Cola, Unilever, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Diageo, Best Buy, Gap Brands, and Dell. The company is based in Los Angeles with sales offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto. CraveOnline is part of Evolve Media (

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