Rock Star Case Study with AdmireMySkin’s Founder and CEO Craig Romero

Incredible 84% increase in open rate from email to SMS.
Great Job Craig and team AdmireMySkin!


“The feature rich platform of ProTexting allowed me to customize my visitor flow for my text campaign and so just having those features and so many others available has been amazing.”
Craig Romero, CEO at AdmireMySkin

Project Brief:

Craig is in the Digital Marketing industry since 2000. He had a businesses in Software and SEO. For the past 8 years, he runs AdmireMySkin, a successful e-Commerce business selling skincare that truly works.

When Craig came across ProTexting, he first noticed that it is geared towards e-Commerce because it had options for Shopify and Amazon sellers. Prior to signing up with ProTexting, being able to effectively engage with customers was a constant challenge. He decided to give ProTexting a shot and discovered quickly the power of SMS in the customer engagement and relationship aspects. With texting, you get that instant engagement feedback allowing you to make adjustments along the way. It is just more dynamic than email. Through ProTexting, Craig's open rate significantly increase by at least 84% compared to his email efforts.

The Interview:

We set down with to chat with Craig and below is what we talked about.

1. Time to Shine! What do you want to say about yourself and your business?

I’ve been an ecommerce seller for 8 years and have always focused on the customer journey. It’s so important to ensure that journey is supportive of customer needs.

2. What were your top 3 pain points before you signed up for ProTexting Amazon Sellers SMS Automation? Rank them in order of pain if possible.

  1. Efficiently engaging with our customers
  2. Low open rates with traditional email
  3. Running time consuming email marketing campaigns

3. What do you think the impact of working with us has been so far?

ProTexting has already improved open rates by 84%, which allows us to efficiently engage with our customers.

4. Where did you first hear about us? What piqued your interest?

When running a Google search for texting platforms, I discovered Protexting had more options for ecommerce brands.

5. Why did you decide to work with us? Why did you decide to pull the trigger?

I booked a demo and the ProTexting team and they answered all my questions and showed me exactly how the platform could help my business.

6. Describe working with us. In what area did you get the most value? Why do you think that is?

Protexting provides the most comprehensive onboarding call I’ve ever experienced with any agency. They made the integration easy and seamless. During the onboarding call, they walked me through the creation of my texting campaign and by the end of the call, the campaign was ready to launch.

7. How likely are you to recommend us? Why should someone in your position take action right now?

I would recommend ProTexting to anyone looking to grow their Ecommerce business. The ProTexting platform has all the features needed to help you efficiently engage with your customers and their support and onboarding will ensure your campaign is properly set up.

About AdmireMySkin

We believe in providing skincare that truly works.

The skincare industry is filled with brands that make a lot of promises, but don’t deliver the results consumers are looking for. Beyond the hype, however, there ARE effective ingredients and formulations that can dramatically improve the appearance and health of your skin. Unfortunately, in many cases, those products require a trip to the doctor’s office and an expensive prescription.

Admire My Skin was founded on the belief that advanced products that deliver results should be available to everyone. Using proven clinical grade ingredients, our products deliver visible results – no prescription required.

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