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Welcome to ProTexting! The fastest high-performance texting platform. We specialize in elevating communication and driving conversions for the financial and trading education industry. Our platform is tailored for Trading Groups, Trading Chatrooms, Financial and Trading Education, Trading Online Courses, and more industries concentrated around the stock market. Whether you're a Founder, Growth Leader for any one of those companies, a Lead Trader, or involved in Financial Media and Stock Alerts, ProTexting offers a suite of powerful tools designed to keep you ahead of your competition and in the minds of your members in the fast-paced world of trading and finance.

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Empower Your Trading Community with ProTexting

For Trading Groups & Chatrooms:

  • Ultra-timely Trade Alerts and Stock Tips: Send out up-to-the-minute SMS stock alerts at lightning speeds, with a capacity of 1000 SMS per second, ensuring your paid members and subscribers are always in the know on TIME.ร‚ย 
  • Reliable Texting: Ensure seamless communication within your trading groups and chatrooms members and subscribers. Our reliable texting service means they never miss a beat in the dynamic world of trading.
  • Increase Live Trading Session Attendance: Boost your live trading sessions with SMS invitations and reminders.
  • Enhance YouTube Live Sessions: Gain more attendees for your live trading and analytical sessions on YouTube with targeted SMS notifications.

For Trading Education & Online Courses:

  • Increase Webinar Registrations and Attendance: Send webinar invitations and reminders via timely SMS alerts to boost webinar attendance by as high as 65%informed about upcoming educational opportunities with timely SMS alerts.
  • Boost Post-Webinar Attendees Conversions: Keep your webinar attendees engaged withSMS even after the webinar is over to convert them into paying members with one-on-one Texting.
  • Send timely Online Course Invites: Reach your online course subscribers with timely SMS invites and reminders to ensure increased attendance and engagement.

For Financial Media Outlets and Financial Education Companies:

  • Reduce touchpoints to paid members journey: By inserting meaningful SMS messages in the existing email automations, you ensure that everyone on the journey sees your message even if they have missed some of your emails.
  • Up-to-the-Minute SMS Alerts and Updates: Instantly disseminate crucial market news, alerts, and trade signals to your subscribers, keeping them informed and engaged.

Stock Market Alerts Companies:

  • Fast Deployment of Alerts: Deliver up-to-the-minute trade, market news, and stock alerts with our rapid messaging system.
Fast SMS Sending

Boost Your Business Growth:

  • Fast SMS for Conversions: Accelerate conversions and paid memberships with our high-speed SMS service.
  • High-Performance SMS Solutions: Integrate our feature-rich HubSpot SMS solution to streamline your communications.
  • Upstream Attributes for HubSpot Funnels: Receive essential attributes for your HubSpot funnels directly via SMS.
  • Track URL Clicks: Monitor engagement with short URL click tracking in every SMS message, enhancing your lead conversion strategy.
Fast SMS Sending Up to 1000 SMS / second

Key Features for the Trading Industry:

  • OTC Alerts & 0 DTM Options Updates: Stay ahead with Over-The-Counter alerts and zero day-to-maturity options updates.
  • Up-to-the-Minute Alerts: Never miss critical market movements with our timely alert system.

At ProTexting, we understand the unique needs of the stock trading industry. Our platform is designed to provide fast, reliable, and efficient communication solutions to keep you connected with your audience, enhance your educational offerings, and streamline your marketing efforts. Join us and revolutionize the way you communicate in the world of finance.

ProTexting: Your Partner in Ultra-Fast High-Performance SMS Sending and Reliability!

High-Performance SMS Solutions

Easily Integrate With Other Services

ProTexting offers various integrations tailored for enhancing SMS marketing and communication. These include integrations with popular platforms like Intercom, HubSpot, Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, MailChimp, and Zapier. They also offer API integrations for data feeds, contacts management, messaging (SMS and MMS), keyword management, inbox management, and short URLs. Additionally, there are integrations with Twilio and Shopify, as well as Salesforce for CRM management. These integrations are designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of SMS marketing, from campaign management to data analytics and customer engagement.

Why ProTexting?

  • Since 2001, we've been a leading provider in the text messaging industry.
  • Enjoy direct contact with your account manager through phone and email, with no reliance on chat-bots.
  • Experience quick SMS delivery - our platform is renowned for its speed and is trusted by thousands of brands.
  • Choose from a variety of sending options including Short Codes, Toll-Free Numbers (TFN), 10DLC, or Long Codes. We're ready to provision all of these options for you!

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