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Text-to-Win (Sweepstakes)

Text-to-Win (Sweepstakes)

The Text-To-Win platform is quickly gaining ground as one of the most utilized techniques in SMS marketing. It works on the premise that everyone loves gifts and giveaway prizes, giving your participants ample motivation to join the contest. It’s great way to promote and drive excitement around your products and services, particularly when referrals are taken into consideration. When you combine the power of sweepstakes and popularity of text messaging with the ease of using a mass text messaging tool, you get an explosive formula of creating a successful marketing campaign.

In the mobile marketing industry these types of campaigns are called:

Mobile Sweepstakes Or Text-To-Win

Our text-to-win Platform is a great away to attract new customers and keep existing customers interested. ProTexting provides the ability to engage your customers through our creative Mobile Sweepstakes feature, made more accessible by our mass text messaging platform. It can send customized messages and routinely update your participants on how the sweepstakes is progressing, should you want it to do so.

This feature provides a simple and appealing way of growing your participants' list.

You Can Setup Your Mobile Sweepstakes Campaign In Three Simple Steps:

  • Activate the Mobile Sweepstakes App
  • Choose the campaign type and setup your contest
  • Promote you keyword by sending out a text message your existing participants and by posting the keyword on your printed material, website, marketing documentation etc.

Benefits of Mobile Sweepstakes / Text-to-Win:

  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Builds Customer List and Loyalty
  • Provides an Easy and Instant way for customers to enter your Mobile Sweepstakes campaign
  • Winner Is Picked Automatically When Contest Ends
  • Keeps all participants (winners and non-winners) engaged by sending a customized message and future offers
Some ideas on who can use it:
  • Musicians can give away a backstage pass for their next concert
  • Restaurants can pick one lucky winner to get a free meal every week for a year
  • Retail stores can give away a gift certificate
  • Charities give an iPod to one lucky donor
  • Dentist draws Free Teeth Cleanings for a year
  • Any business that can offer a giveaway prize to their customers

*One final note – Sweepstakes may require registration at a state level in the US. Please consult a knowledgeable attorney before creating and promoting your mobile sweepstakes or Text To Win contest.

Aside from text-to-win platform, ProTexting also offers a host of SMS marketing tools to help you execute a flawless marketing campaign and reach your target audience. Contact us today to help your marketing campaigns.

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