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Analytics and Reports Mobile marketing is the most effecting methods of marketing in today's fast paced world. The best way to reach your customers is through their mobile phones.


Yet, one of the most challenging aspects of the mobile marketing industry is what is actually happening with your messages once you send them out. How many people optin and where they come from is often unanswered question.


ProTexting has found a way to keep our clients informed and help them understand their audience and campaigns’ performance. Through utilizing Google Analytics API and combining it with our backend reporting algorithms, our system brings you analytics and reporting on the performance of your campaigns and account, and most importantly helps you understand your clients

This way you connect with your customers and make sure that they get the information you send and understand how they interact with your mobile campaigns.

Statistics has proved that 80% of the mobile phone subscribers keep their phones with them and that 96% of the mobile text messages are read. Now, why shouldn't we utilize this trivia to our benefit? Market your product through text messages and you have that 96% of the people that are aware of your product. End result, you increase your customer base.

At, we are always listening to our customers. We not only listen, but proactively implement our customer's needs. Our system of Group Text Message Marketing has evolved to meet the customer's requirements based on the feedback and suggestions that we receive. Go ahead and connect with us to avail the services that best suits your requirement.
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Who can utilize Mobile Marketing?

Radio, TV, Weather, Agencies
Doctors and Dentist offices, Hospitals and Private Practices
Restaurants, Nightclubs, Lounges, Comedy clubs, Theaters, Events
Shops, Malls, E-commerce, Fairs
Teams, Arenas, Game, Sport Events
Real Estate
Agents, Builders, Agencies, Management companies
We support all major US carriers:
Sms Api
Virgin Mobile
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