Mobile Website Builder and Landing Pages

Mobile Website Builder and Landing Pages

I am using ProTexting for our messaging and mobile marketing campaigns, but do I need to have a Mobile Website? Is it hard to build a Mobile Site?

How can I know if my visitors are accessing my Mobile Websites?

In today's world where online has gone mobile and more and more people are accessing your website through their smart phones and mobile devices, having a Mobile Website is a MUST.

Mobile internet usage is doubling year over year as smart phones and mobile devices inflate the market and become more accessible and affordable. Consumers are now evaluating businesses not just on appearance and presence of their Online Website but also on the appeal and functionality of their Mobile Site.

The process of building a mobile website or landing pages does not have to be complicated – it just needs to be simple and functional for your customers. Here at ProTexting we had done exactly that!

We can help you develop your mobile landing pages, for specific campaigns, or a complete mobile website. Just let us know your needs, and our team will work with you to complete the project, and have all mobile landing pages or websites ready for the messaging campaigns you are planning to run. Some of our great mobile marketing apps offer campaign landing page, build within the app, automatically added in any campaign (example: sweeps terms and conditions, campaign rules, web sign up forms, etc).

So, are you ready to get started? – If so, simply sign up for messaging account here and contact our support team to guide you on how to setup your lending pages or mobile websites. You will also find great mobile marketing tools, to run SMS and MMS engaging campaigns and achieve better results. All of ProTexting’s text messaging campaigns come with a great set of analytics to review and analyze the campaign results.