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App - Mobile Surveys/Voting

Mobile Surveys/Voting is an easy way to get instant results and feedback from your clients through a simple question.

  1. Go to Apps > Run Campaigns.
  2. In My Apps, click on “Mobile Surveys / Voting”.
    Mobile Surveys and Voting Messaging Campaigns
  3. To begin click 'Create Surveys / Voting'. There are 3 types of Surveys to choose from:
    Send a vote poll in multiple choice formats to your contacts.
    May be more than one question and the choice of multiple choice, text fields, or combination of both.
    Send a survey that lasts for a period of time and the only way your clients access the question is by texting your “KEYWORD” to your “SHORTCODE”.

    Mobile Surveys and Voting Messaging Campaigns
  4. As an example I will create the 3rd type of survey. First choose the KEYWORD the clients will be sending to the SHORTCODE, then choose the start and end dates and times for your survey. Following that choose the question you would like to ask, the number of choices offered, and the choices they can choose from. The voting message is automatically updated as soon as you fill in the previous information. Also you can choose the Auto Reply and Late Message.
    EX: Do you prefer E-mail or Text Messaging?
    1. E-mail
    2. Text Messaging
    Reply with # only, txtSTOP2end
  5. When completed click Save.
  6. Click on Details to begin sharing the KEYWORD for your survey. You have successfully created a Mobile Survey/Voting.
    Mobile Surveys and Voting Messaging Campaigns

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