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App - Text-To-Screen

Text-to-Screen can be used to keep your audience involved with Text-To-Screen by displaying questions/comments/answers on a TV screen, JumboTron, public website etc.

  1. Go to Apps > Run Campaigns.
  2. In My Apps, click on “Text-to-Screen”.
  3. To begin click "Create New Campaign".
  4. Choose the keyword for your Campaign. Next choose the Page/Screen title which will not be seen by the client. Next choose the number of messages shown on the screen at once.
  5. Following that, you can choose whether the messages will show on the screen automatically or if you would like to approve the messages before they go to screen. You as the user can also choose if you want the “text keyword to short code” to be shown or hidden on the screen.
  6. Choose the time intervals of messages on the screen, this is shown by second’s intervals. After that write the auto-reply message which the sender will receive once they send the keyword and the message.
  7. Click Save to create the campaign
  8. Once you save, click back to list.
  9. With the campaign, you can see details which shows the “behind the scenes” of the screen, Play the campaign which will activate the screen to the audience, Design Settings which allows you to edit the colors, text and logo on the screen, edit, view inbox of incoming messages, forwarding, you can get the Display URL and Embed Code to share the screen, and also release the keyword which will stop the screen.
  10. In Details you can see the campaign information and incoming messages and from who. You can also Play and Stop the screen by clicking the play button. Also you can view the screen before you play it to see if you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied, you can change the colors and text around to make it look better by clicking back to list and Design Setting.
  11. In Design Setting you choose the different aspects of the screen and change the colors and font, and at any time you can restore to default settings. Also you can choose a custom logo of your choice for your screen, once you have the logo click Upload. Once you have your preferred settings click Save.
  12. Go back to list. If your campaign is Playing, your messages will be coming in and you are given Get Display URL to share it and for it to be seen by your audience.
  13. Once you release your keyword, you will not be able to edit/forward the campaign or receive incoming messages and it will go back to the original Auto-reply message from the keyword NOT the auto-reply created with the application.

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