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Mobile Web Version of

You don’t have to own iPhone or Android phone to use on your mobile phone. We wanted to empower everyone and give you the ability to enjoy the Group Text Messaging tool on any mobile phone with internet capabilities. To achieve that we have created a mobile optimized web pages version of the most important functionalities of the service.

It is designed to work as a “Remote Control” for the core functionalities of our online service, It will allow you to send out Group Text Messages, manage your Contacts and Mobile Keywords from anywhere using your cell phone.

To access via Mobile Web go to through your mobile browser.

With you get

  • Free Unlimited Sign Ups
  • Free Unlimited Incoming Text Messages
  • Unlimited Groups to organize contacts
  • Change your Mobile Keywords at any time
  • Text Messaging API to integrate with any website or mobile app
  • Delivery Reports and Charts to analyze your Text Message Campaigns
  • Instant access to Short Code Number
  • NO Contracts
  • NO Set up fees
  • Secured Data and Daily Back ups
  • Online Widgets to collect mobile numbers
  • And more features for full service Text Message Marketing

The problem we solve

We are professionals who have been in the text messaging business for six years now. Throughout our experience one question repeats with almost every client; I want to start using text message marketing, but how can I do it without the large upfront expense and complex set up? We decided to make it affordable and easy for small and medium sized businesses and solve this challenge for them.

About helps you communicate with your contacts more efficiently. The cell phone has become a permanent companion in our daily lives. This is why text messaging is the best way at the moment to reach groups of people with the same message instantly. Text message is personal and is pretty much guaranteed that it will be read by the recipient.

Why would you use

Emphasis on great customer support – We are real people who like to talk to our clients. Call us, Email us, or Chat with us online. We make sure we answer your questions as soon as they arrive. Our team believes that our clients deserve the best service out there. We not only answer questions but give guidelines for better campaigns and share knowledge about the industry to make you achieve better results.

User-friendly interface – is loaded with useful features but maintains the ease of use. We have built our system with the user in mind by collecting and implementing vital user’s feedback.

Guaranteed Security of your data – Our technical team goes through numerous procedures to keep your data safe. We utilize technology of physical and electronic data security to ensure every piece of information is safely stored. All of our servers are backed up nightly.

Affordability – We do not sacrifice quality for low cost. However we do believe that bulk text messaging should be available to everyone who needs it. We are the most affordable group text messaging platform on the market.

We Listen to Feedback – Our team believes that listening to our clients is the only way to deliver real useful solution. Most of the features in has been requested by clients through the years. We continue to listen and evaluate very carefully every suggestion that comes to us.

No Contracts – There are no long term commitments. Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel at any time.

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