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How to Setup SMS Name Capture for Text Message Marketing

First, login to your SMS marketing dashboard.

Go to apps and then click on all apps.

Find name capture in your list of active apps. In order for the name capture to work, it must be turned on.
By default, participants will need to text in your text message keyword followed by their first and last names. Example, text in join George Smith. For better user experience, we have a great feature that allows participants to use shortcuts for name capture.

Once you turn on the “shortcut” feature, participants can simply send a text message with the word “name”, anywhere in the message, followed by their first and last names. If "shortcut" is activated, any two words after "add", "name" or "n" in the message, will populate first and last names for the contact. For name capture to record properly, all words in the incoming text message must be separated by empty space.

Now, any messages received in your inbox with shortcut word name, followed by any two words will be recorded as the contact’s names You can simply edit the contact by clicking on “edit”, and add more information as needed, such as email, zip code, state and custom fields.

As always, if you have any questions or need help, contact our support team. We are ready to assist.


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