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List of Allowed Characters for Sending Text Messages (group texting, single SMS, API outgoing text message)
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List of Allowed Characters for Sending Text Messages (group texting, single SMS, API outgoing text message)

This character set is based heavily on ISO-8859-15 (Latin-9). However, in order to fully cover the GSM Character set it adds some Greek letters between 0x80 and 0x8A and has a different character at 0xA8.

The characters not listed in the GSM character set are shown on a grey background.

Below, is the list of allowed characters for sending Text Messages (group texting, single SMS, API outgoing text message)

IMPORTANT: If you copy and paste from WORD document, your message will most likely be rejected as it will transfer some hidden characters.  Please use notepad to write your message, if you need to copy and paste OR simply type in the message directly in the SMS box.


Modified Latin-9
×0     SP 0 @ P ` p Δ   NBSP ° À Ð à ð
×1     ! 1 A Q a q     ¡ ± Á Ñ á ñ
×2     " 2 B R b r Φ   ¢ ² Â Ò â ò
×3     # 3 C S c s Γ   £ ³ Ã Ó ã ó
×4     $ 4 D T d t Λ   A? Ä Ô ä ô
×5     % 5 E U e u Ω   ¥ µ Å Õ å õ
×6     & 6 F V f v Π   Š Æ Ö æ ö
×7     ' 7 G W g w Ψ   § · Ç × ç ÷
×8     ( 8 H X h x Σ   ¤ A? È Ø è ø
×9     ) 9 I Y i y Θ   © ¹ É Ù é ù
×A LF   * : J Z j z Ξ   ª º Ê Ú ê ú
×B     + ; K [ k {     « » Ë Û ë û
×C FF   , < L   l |     ¬ Œ Ì Ü ì ü
×D CR   - = M ] m }     SHY œ Í Ý í ý
×E     . > N ^ n ~     ® Ÿ Î Þ î þ
×F     / ? O _ o       ¯ ¿ Ï ß ï ÿ

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