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What is an auto-reply and how is it set up?

Auto-reply is the response message your participants receive when they text your keyword. You can customize the auto-reply to incentivize your participants as well as include additional information such as links to additional material.

In order to setup the Autoreply under the “KEYWORDS” tab click on “AUTO-REPLY”.

Choose the keyword to set the AUTO-REPLY for.

The auto-reply can be different for new participants versus existing participants. For example, you may want to give a 10% discount to new participants and only 5% discount to existing participants.

      1) If the “AUTO-REPLY” needs to be the same for all participants then you just need to create the “Main AUTO-REPLY”. To do so type your response in the “Auto-Reply Message” text box and click Update. For example: “Thank you for joining PROTEXTING list. Present this message to the register to receive a 10% discount on all your purchases.”

Auto reply (autoresponders) by ProTexting


    2) If the “AUTO-REPLY” needs to be different for existing participants you can set up “Alternative Auto-Reply Message for Existing Subscribers”

Auto reply (autoresponders) by ProTexting

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