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How to setup SMS message forwarding to mobile number


First, login to your SMS marketing dashboard

Go to settings and then click on text message forwarding section.

Click on “add number”. Enter your cell number. Wait a few seconds for the SMS confirmation code and add it in the box provided to confirm your number. Once you confirm it, you can easily turn ON and OFF the forwarding or delete it.

Adding new recipient is easy, just repeat the same steps. If you don’t want to forward all incoming messages on account level, you can create text message forwarding per keyword only. Pick the keyword and click on manage number recipients.

After you are done selecting the recipients, you will need to turn on the forwarding to activate.

A great feature is the “forwarding filters”, which can be set to filter out specific incoming SMS or MMS based on words in the messaging content. You can filter out all incoming messages having only keywords.  Use the global filter, add them all and save it.

In case you need more filters, you can easily create more by choosing filters per email, mobile number or keyword. Once you are done with all text message forwarding settings, please make sure they are TURNED ON, so you can start receiving all incoming text messages on your mobile phone. In the messaging history you will be able to see a log of all forwarded messages and search by phone number, email, date, message content and type. You can also export the list.

Please watch our other video on "How to setup text message forwarding to your email", this way you will be able to receive alerts on your email as well.

As always, if you have any questions or need help, contact our support team. We are ready to assist.

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