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Over the years we have identified the need to empower our entrepreneurial clients that are ready to enter the Mobile Marketing space quickly without breaking the bank. ProTexting's Business-in-a-Box was born. Below is a quick summary of what it offers.
We empower your entrepreneurial spirit to enter the Mobile Marketing space. We have thought of everything: High Level Customization and Branding, Full control over your Business and Solution, Social Media Integration, Extra Revenue Streams, Integrated Billing System….and much more!

It is NOT just another Reseller Solution

Business in a Box is a powerful platform that gives you a complete Mobile Marketing set of tools for you to get started. You are up and running from day one with everything you need to start selling Mobile Marketing services.

No need for spending money and time on building a website, creating billing infrastructure and business models. We provide it all to you, and it is all customizable!

Reseller Solution

High Level of Customization and Branding

Brand it all with your own logo, colors and styles
High level of control over public pages design including but not limited to text, font, images, videos and custom CSS
Brand your system emails and control what goes out and under what condition
Set your own unique domain
Customize language, icons and pricing for our proprietary Marketplace
High Level of Customization and Branding

Full Control over your Business and Solution

Mange your clients
Create custom plans
Create your own pricing
Full control over billing through your own merchant account
Monitor and manage campaigns and sent messages
Detailed business and activity reports
Integration of Google Analytics
Full Control over your Business and Solution
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Social Media Links Integration

Choose social media icons to show
Set custom social media icons
Link them with your social media accounts
Control position on public pages
Integrated Billing System

Integrated Billing System

Business-in-a-Box clients have full control over the transactions happening through their solution.
Complete history of transactions


At any time our business clients can change pricing, create custom plans edit and mange clients and more all done instantly from their administrative panel.
Extra Revenue Streams

Extra Revenue Streams

ProTexting's proprietary Marketplace provides an extra revenue stream for every Business in a Box client. It allows your customers to purchase additional functionality and customize their accounts with features.
Subscribers to our Business in Box clients can purchase additional keywords.
Provide additional consulting and managed services for extra revenue or build a team who can help.
Full-blown Affiliate Program

Full-blown Affiliate Program

Manage affiliates
Flexible commission settings
Payout and performance reports and history
Upload custom affiliate marketing materials
Create custom promotional codes

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